Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure

When I was a wee lad of middle school angst years, I enjoyed those  
Choose Your Own Adventure books, mostly because I felt like I had  
control of the pending situation, even if I could never figure out to  
keep from shaking the branch to retrieve Carlos’s backpack whilst the  
Abominable Snowman lurked around.

With that said and because it is the week before the Day of Labor,  
which means this blog will be labor intensive, I am trying something  
new here, giving you a taste of a writing exercise that you may or  
may not choose to do, enjoy, or utilize. I will start off a story and  
then pass it along to the comment section. You can continue the story  
in the comments (writing up to 4 sentences or just a single line or  
whatever you want really) but always leaving the last sentence  
partially done, so that someone can come in and pick up where you  
left off… you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, this just means that you  
have to look and see what was written by the person who commented  
previously. There is potential for this to be a disaster, or a  
masterpiece, or whatever, but I always liked doing these things in  
writing workshops, and if I like it, doesn’t that mean that everyone  
else has to like it as well? Anyways, this is a beta version of  
something like this, so just have fun with it, be as ridiculous as  
you want to be, and–if it’s good– I will copy and paste this into a  
word doc, claim I wrote the whole thing and submit it to the Paris  

Here we go:

“Casey didn’t see her coming. He’d just arrived at the Our House for  
his blind date with Melinda and was running over the check list of  
things he wanted to talk about  (her work, hobbies, whether or not  
she enjoyed scary movies or better yet Scary Movie, and anything that  
would lead back to him talking about bench pressing) when he felt  
someone sneak up behind him and squeeze his sides. He turned around  

Yeah, so the first person to comment start by finishing this stellar  
sentence and then go on for a few, and leave it hanging for the next  
person… and we’ll keep going until we figure out just what got real  
with Casey’s blind date adventure.

I’m literally nervous (for Case). Songs of 1996 ensue.

Give me one,

Tracy Chapman

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171 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure

  1. A. Wannabe Travelwriter

    the water flowing over the edge of the white porcelain toilet bowl in a shimmering smooth sheet, but unfortunately, it was not just water that spread over the black and white linoleum-tiled floor.

    It was no surprise to see the lace curtain flapping next to the wooden sash window that was swung wide open with wet foot prints pointing to a path of escape.

    But the real surprise became evident as Casey tiptoed across the flooded floor and peered out the window. There was…

  2. Stephanie Allen

    skatted off to? He owes me two hundred dollars for The New Kids on the Block tickest! They’re doing a reunion tour and Kevin couldn’t wait to get on the front row and watch Donnie dance."

    Casey gathered up his manly courage and went to the bathroom door. He opened the door slowly and saw…

  3. Pat

    "Okay, Kevin Alexander, this has been a hell of a ride. But you promised me a blind date and I still want to meet a great date. So no more games."

    So, Kevin, I have one question for you, "Are we there yet?"

  4. Erin

    "Don’t move. I’m here to help."
    The King turned to see Casey’s sister in law, Jennifer Garner, in a purple wig, black catsuit and stilletto boots.
    "Help with what?" the King asked.
    "The hippie situation. We’ve been tracking it at the CIA for months."
    "I thought you only played a CIA agent on your former TV show, Alias."
    "That was a cover to protect that I really am a spy."
    "But you’re pregnant! How can you beat up dangerous hippies in your condition?"
    "It’s all part of the cover. The belly is a fake. But it’s a great way to sneak guns on airplanes."


  5. Joanne

    …the perky barrista replied "Would you like whip cream on that latte?" The King replied "Double whip, little miss, and throw in one of those crumb cakes as well." As the King took out his wallet, he felt a small hand touch his arm, and a breathy voice whispered sexily into his ear…

  6. Erin

    sauntered over to the counter to order a pumpkin spice latte. This adventure had gone on so long now that autumn had come, and pumpkin flavored beverages were once again in season. At the counter…

  7. Stephanie Allen

    frothy chai latte. I ordered to Grande Grande and he ordered the Super Grande. It was a silly arguement, especially since I was right."

    The King sneered again, hiked his bell-bottoms up over his belly and…

  8. Christine

    bathroom detail," the King said.

    "Well, I can’t go in there," Casey said. "The last time I went into the men’s room with Kevin, we got into this big argument over who had the bigger…

  9. Stephanie Allen

    …attacked him mid-flow? Them hippies have no qualms with when and where they attack a fella."

    "Maybe you should go in and check on him," Casey suggested.

    "Wait a minute. I didn’t sign up for…

  10. Erin

    fell in again, do you? I know he’s struggled with this in the past."

    "If that were the case, I reckon we would’ve heard the splash," said the King. "Do you think the hippies…."

  11. Stephanie Allen

    …if this vest goes with these pants because lately I’ve been questioning the chemical properties of polyester." The King struck a pose and curled his lip. The King held the position, but Kevin never emerged from the bathroom.

    Casey looked at his partner. "You don’t think he…

  12. Stephanie Allen

    I once read an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that clones often have difficulty with hand-eye coordination and are color blind. And sometimes they have zippers running up their backs. But I don’t feel comfortable asking him to take his clothes off to check. Hey, son, maybe you could…"

  13. Tom

    "I don’t blame the clone, as Kev’s dad does have a pretty sweet place, and there’s a hot tub and the Arnold Palmers," Casey said.

    "Hard to beat boiling water and a good beverage," agreed the King. "Maybe we can head over there after we’ve taken care of this whole hippie thing."

    "Tru dat," said Casey, eyeing what might or might not be a clone of Kevin emerging from the bathroom, "but I guess first we ought to get the story from Kev, or the clone, or whatever he is, about these hippies, toss back a couple of lattes, and then we’ll figure out if the Kev we’re seeing is the real one, or his clone, and do you know how to tell a clone from a real person?"

    The King adjusted his gold-rimmed shades, "Well…"


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