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Hello, friends. First of all, I’d like to offer a quick apology for the lack of communication via the blog lately. You see, we at WD have been doing some thinking and talking and general housekeeping regarding just how we can bring you the best blog possible, and these things take time, manpower and cinnamon raisin bagels. But now we’re back and I’m pleased to announce that the blog is going to become a new, exciting and potentially uber-hip place to be. As the hep cats say, it’ll be off the chain.

Two Sweet New Additions:

1. Consistency. A Brand Spanking New Blog Entry will be up every monday. Some weeks there will be more than one entry, but–at the very least– you’ll be able to set your Brookstone Digital SmartSet Clock Radio to the fact that Monday will offer something new. And there will be  no more wondering if Kevin sold his computer and rights to access the Internet 2.0 for a guided tour of Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s dressing room.

2. New Stuff. Aside from following the trials, tribulations, and treachery of my writing life, there will be more recurring entries in the vein of the Life Changingly Awesome Queries including, but not limited to:  Reviews of Books I was Forced To Read in High School, Incredibly Awkward Author Pics, and Extremely Brief But Scarily Accurate Writing Quizzes, all designed to help me help you help yourself be the best damn writer, like, EVER.

So there, friends. And this is all happening, starting now. So feel free to take full advantage of the new edition of the this Writer’s Life blog as you see fit.

Once again, I look forward to our many future interactions. Our love knows no (technological) bounds.


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3 thoughts on “Back and Even Better

  1. Trina

    Awesome! I hope those WD people aren’t pressuring you into anything that resembles Hollywood’s slave-driver oppression of early movie stars… (Wait, maybe I shouldn’t use this as an analogy – I may be the only one who knows anything about old Hollywood…)
    Consistancy is great. Love it. Hard to do, but good when you find it.


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