A Taste of Pre-Nation Celebration Customer Service

While perusing the Interweb, I realized that a lot of successful  
webhomes use surveys to conduct user feedback to finely tune their  
content and figure out how many old “Threes Company” clips to post.  
And since we–like the Web– are an ever-changing, ever-adapting  
server of you, our reader, we want to get in on the quiz taking  
action. So–for customer service benefits– I’ve composed a 5  
question quiz to gauge interest, air concerns, and continue talking.  
If you would be kind enough to take the quiz, I will be kind of  
enough to provide it. And that, friends, is how we kill the customer  
service industry (with kindness!).

Directions: Read, pick, read, pick, read, pick, read…pick, read,  
pick, write.

1. I come on the site to:
A) Talk about writing.
B) Learn what Kevin is up to.
C) See if I can acquire Kevin’s email address so I can solicit him to  
purchase very cheap tech stocks that are just going to go up, up, up!
D) Watch old music videos.
E) I accidentally came to this site and accidentally read this quiz.

2. Entries I find most useful are:
A) The ones in which Kevin starts talking about something relatively  
important, gets wildly off topic, regains his footing in the last  
paragraph and then quickly signs off with a semi-forgotten vid pic  
from a year that makes him nostalgic.
B) Are there any other kinds of entries?
C) Seriously. See B. There shouldn’t be any more choices.
D) “Useful” is a complicated word, especially in this context.
E) Please. Can I just get this over with?

3. Something I wish Kevin would do more was:
A) Write about fiction/books/short stories (writing it, reading it,  
dreaming about it, improving it, etc).
B) Write about non-fiction/magazine work (see parenthesis above and  
embrace its content).
C) Compose poorly worded (yet hilarious!) poems.
D) Respond to comments.
E) Work on his glutes and abdominals.

4. Something I wish Kevin would do less was:
A) Get off topic.
B) Stay on topic.
C) Talk about television/pop culture.
D) Complain.
E) Make us take quizzes.
F) Watch Zach Braff films.

5. Do you want more music from the:
A) Late 80s
B) Early 90s
C) Mid to Late 90s
D) Just Play That Funky Music, White(ish) Boy
E) I have regrets involving taking this quiz.

And that’s it. We don’t have anonymity’s interests at hand, so feel  
free to leave your name, answers and anything else in the comment  
depository. I will not judge.  Other people will not judge. We will  
remain judge free.
Enjoy your pre-Birth of the Nation shortish week and remember: Below  
SPF 15 doesn’t really even count as sunscreen.
Now check out Coolio’s amazingly Zach Morris iPhone. He’s got  
something brand new for your (rear end).

1, 2,
3, 4 (Sumpin New)


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9 thoughts on “A Taste of Pre-Nation Celebration Customer Service

  1. A

    Seriously, I wish you had more conversational clips. They are well cool.

    so, without further ado:
    1. B (what kind of person would i be if i didnt admit to this?)
    2. A
    3. between A and C; iam rather undecided
    4. B
    5. E


  2. Pat

    A & B I love writing but your life is an adventure
    D I don’t understand half of what you say about the music, but when I do I laugh.

    I love this blog because you make it real. Real about writing, real about life, real about…well…real.

    Happy Fourth

  3. Stacey

    Genevieve, you’re not a comment hog! I ALWAYS love reading what you have to say! My thoughts flow right off of yours! 🙂 And by the way, I like the poem you posted on your blog! Nice choice!

  4. Stacey

    1. A, and B also, but mostly A
    2. A, but D is true too
    3. D
    4. A, and C only when it doesn’t relate to anything "useful"
    5. Honestly, I don’t listen to any of the music 🙂

  5. Genevieve

    Yeah, that was bizarre. What I tried to post earlier was a question to Kevin. Have you thought about starting your own blog? Judging from most of the responses you got, just about all of us like it when you get off topic. In an article you wrote a while ago I think you said something about your editor wanting you to focus on the subject of writing. That’s understandable since they are in fact a magazine about writing. But if you started a blog where you could just be your unedited self I think it would be freeing for you, and a lot of us would enjoy reading it. You could gab about tennis shoes, your interesting family, and glutes. I could see it being troublesome since you’re already pretty busy, however, since a personal blog has no deadline you could write whenever you want. Or if you’re up at 2:00 in the morning, trying to finish an article that’s due in a few short hours, you could go on your blog and just post "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" for theraputic reasons.

    Congratulations on the new writing gig, by the way! Let us know how it goes.

  6. Tom

    Hmmmm…has the internet been out drinking all night again? I noticed at some point yesterday that it wasn’t here, and now that it’s back it’s missing stuff – typical college night out. *sigh*


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