A Holiday Break; A Look Back; And Mo' Mo-town!

Gracious Friends,

As per the orders strictly worded in my 70 page WD blogging contract, I am going off air from now until January 6th, when I shall reappear in the New Year stronger, more emotionally appropriate, and in need of a trim around the back of my neck. The thinking is this: You are, also, going on vacation, and vacations don’t involve sitting around your office trying to think of something to do before the morning meeting and post getting coffee, then realizing that you once accidentally subscribed to my blog on your RSS reader, and deciding that you wouldn’t mind clicking on some links to the Stone Temple Pilotz. That’s called forward-thinking, friends, and we at the esteemed instituiton of Digesting Writers basically only think in the forwarding sense.

Before I disable the Wi-Fi in my apt while I go off to my mother’s house and then the sweet shores of Nor and SoCal, allow me to look back on the year on that was:

We did 57 blog entries, 15 of which happened during the months of February and March, in which I did a 4 part So-Cal Exile Series AND a Two Question Novel Quiz, that was, like, really good.

We fought through my Quick(ish) Descent to Thesis Insanity in April, which was neither quick nor a descent, and much more like a free-fall into sleepless consumption of mint flavored teas and bad, bad poetry.

We talked about Mad Men, the loss of David Foster Wallace, the re-birth of James Frey, my acquisition of a job, Tom’s eleventy billion pumpkins, and the crazy ideas behind murketing chicken sausage.

We enthusiastically embraced the Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure (171 comments!) and then we kind of liked it, and then we sort of thought: okay, Kevin, we get it, you don’t feel like writing a whole blog entry.

We saw the tragic end of my column in the magazine, the departure of the editor who “found(!)” me in the slushiest pile of queries, and a frustrating re-up on my novel, which needs like two weeks– oh, don’t get me started.

But most of all, friends, we did it. We made it through another year of random asides, crippling self-doubt, passed deadlines, and hilariously thought-out musical sign offs. And we’re so happy about that, that– as a gift– I’m providing you all another E-Card! I know, I am too generous!

Seriously though, thank you so much for being a part of whatever it is we’ve got going here– I hope you get gift certificates to all the places you shop, and a restaurant that you’ve never tried, but heard (pretty) good things about…
Enjoy the splendor of my father’s favorite Christmas song, and we will resume our intensely satisfying ‘lationship in ’09. Comments may be placed in the green bin labeled “Comments.”

Hey Rudolph!,
The Red Nosed Reindeer

The Temptations.

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9 thoughts on “A Holiday Break; A Look Back; And Mo' Mo-town!

  1. Thomasina Tafur

    I just read your last article in WD….I am very sad to hear you will not longer be writing this column. I LOVED your work: simple, inspiring, and very funny!!! Guess I’ll just have to read your blog now. 🙂 Hope you have a great 2009!


  2. Stephanie Allen

    Of all the blogs I’ve read…numbers aren’t all that important right now…this is by far and away my most favorite. Kevin, I’ve come to think of you as an educator of sorts…what kind really isn’t all that important right now…and I feel as though I’ve learned a lot under your great wisdom. (What a hefty weight that must be to bear…all that sage.) I look forward to the blog in ’09 and all the musical references you can dish out. HAPPY NEW YEAR, DUDE!

  3. Christine

    Good God! Don’t tell me another year has slipped through my fingers…fingers that are starting to look ridiculously close to my mother’s somehow? I wish I could freeze time right now. Now is good, why does it have to pass so quickly?

    OK, enough of my lament on another year pissed away. Onward and upward in ’09 for everyone!


  4. Joanne

    Why oh why do I only get like one third of your blogs coming to my email? What have I done wrong? Am I unworthy? I know I started out 2008 with high hopes of writing on a regular basis, but then reality set in, I got discouraged, my four kids kept me VERY busy, my Mom moved in next door, and I haven’t even had enough time for sailing which is what ALWAYS comes first…but I did finish out the year with a little Q&A article that is already posted online, so at least I have written something lately…
    If I promise to procrastinate less in 2009 can I get ALL your blogs sent to my email?

  5. Kelly

    soo, kevin. i love reading your blogs…so very entertaining. i have no clue what your book is about but i am surely to buy it. how in mylanta has your column ended?
    and im wonderin, how have you gone about getting your book published so far? you see, i have a book thats all ready to be published but i dont know the first step, i google ‘publish my book’ but there are no numbers to call people…im not just gonna send it somewhere. seriosly, if you have a moment, could ya fill me in? thanks
    hope your christmas was perfect, and in the nor cal part of it that you got hit with the beautiful snow. if its yreka, you must have gotten dumped on. lucky duck.


  6. Erin

    Discovering this awesome blog (and the equally awesome conversation of the people who comment on it) was the gift that kept on giving this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone!

  7. Kristan C.

    Happy holidays, y’all. I too am off work until January 5… don’t get too excited, it’s unpaid time off we’re all forced to take…doing our party for the economy, you know. [eyeroll]

    See you in the new year!

  8. Olivia

    That was some year, Kevin. I’m sorry I was a Johnny-come-lately, and have only been following since August. If it makes you feel any better, I did actually go back and read the blogs I missed. (No, seriously, I did.)

    I’m looking forward to an ’09 full of insanely long blog comments, pointless ramblings, and a plethora of little-known musical references. And hopefully, it will be the year that you finish editing your book…we’re all waiting to read it.

    For the record, I’m totally jealous that you guys have real jobs that allow you to enjoy some time off this week (and apparently next week, too, for Kevin). I work in retail, which means I left work at 6:30pm this evening, had to have McDonald’s for dinner because it was the only place open after 4pm…I get tomorrow off, but it’s my normal day off anyway; and then I go back to the craziness on Friday morning — with cranky(er) customers and short(er) tempers.

    See you on the flip side,

  9. Tom

    People are going on vacationz?!?!?!?! OMG!11!!!!1!

    Srsly, I’ll be back in the office on the 29th, but since I love it there and can’t imagine life without clicking "refresh" on Kevin’s blog and waiting for him to return from vacation to post a blog entry while answering phonz and sending emailz, it’s all good. Somehow I’ll get through it. Hopefully, someone will bring in leftover holiday munchies.

    It has been quite a year. I look forward to another one that is only vaguely similar to it, mostly in the fact that there will be blogs and many LOLZ.



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