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What I'm Grateful For

Categories: MFA Confidential Blog.

I know it’s a cliché, but I just cannot believe 2010 is already coming to an end. Since New Year’s is a time for list-making, I am going to make a list of the writing-related things for which I am most grateful in 2010:

•The continued support of my family. Of course their opinions are completely subjective, but their belief in my writing means so much to me. You gotta love it when your dad wonders aloud, in complete seriousness, “I don’t know why you haven’t been published in the New Yorker yet?”

•The same goes for my friends. The night before a piece of mine was published, I went out to a bar to celebrate with a few of my best friends. It’s an incredible feeling when you have a group of people in your life who are genuinely happy for you–it helps you to believe that your dreams are possible.

•The guidance of my teachers. I’m able to see for myself now why certain pieces of writing work better than others. A supportive word from a teacher you admire can do wonders for your confidence.

•Good friends in the program—particularly Eliza Fogel. I now have an army of writer friends!

•Access to great literature. Reading is still the best way to learn writing, and through my classes, I’ve gotten to read some incredible short stories and novels that have really affected my process and the way I think about story…. “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, “The Swimmer” by John Cheever and “The Ledge” by Lawrence Sargent Hall come to mind in particular.

•Having 31 hours of my MFA under my belt and only 14 to go (6 of which are thesis hours!).

•Having narrowed down my thesis material to two possible choices and having a good start on both.

Getting paid for a piece of my writing for the first time!

•Having the chance to read before a crowd at Come Home Chicago and Creative Nonfiction Week.

•Getting a piece of my fiction published in a well-known magazine for the first time!

•Drinks at the South Loop Club after class.

•Getting to do this blog for WD! This has been such a great opportunity for me to share my thoughts about writing programs for the Writer’s Digest audience. Thank you for your reader comments throughout the semester. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you next semester!

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7 Responses to What I'm Grateful For

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Playstation Move
    Unlocking Wii Nice to find these kind of articles!

  2. Jessie Morrion says:

    Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading! Eliza, right back at YOU. Nicole, glad you’ve found me, and Laura, have a great new year and happy writing!

  3. Jessie,

    I just discovered your MFA blog and love it! (I’m at University of San Francisco.) I even quoted you (from September) on my Tribute to a New Year post at paper-pencil-pen. Good luck in your last school year and beyond; I’m sure you’ll continue to succeed.

  4. Eliza Fogel says:

    Happy New Year!!! Right back at you. Jessie, you are a wonderful, wonderful writer and it’s been such a pleasure to sit in the semi-circle, week to week, and listen to your stories. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I look forward to celebrating many more with you. And I’m so grateful for such a great friend and for our awesome cohort! +e

  5. Cliche? I don’t think so. I usually just decide on my New Years resolution, but I think making a list of writing related experiences I am grateful for is an excellent idea. I tend to harp on all the negative aspects and the lack of forward movement in my writing career. An uplifting and hopeful way to start the new year. I will be doing the same on my blog. Thanks for the post and congrats on all your accomplishments. Have a wonderful New Year!

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