Quick Post!

It’s a miracle: I’m not only on time to class tonight,  but I’ve actually arrived with ten minutes to
spare!  I was so excited about this I
thought I’d stop by the computer lab here on the twelfth floor and write a
quick post.

This has been one of those semesters where I can never quite
finish all my reading, can never quite get to class on time, can never quite write
as much as I’d like to each night.  I
feel like I’m always spilling pop on pages, dropping piles of papers, losing
stuff, and buttoning my sweaters incorrectly. 
So the very fact that I’m here, dressed properly, with all my homework
finished, is making me feel pretty good about myself.

Crap.  It just took me
eleven minutes to write this. Looks like I’m going to be late anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Post!

  1. Sara H

    I can certainly relate. I’m studying for my B.A. in English and that’s pretty much been my whole semester for this year–so far. Best of luck! I love days when it fits together.

  2. Zak Grimm

    Don’t feel too bad, Jessie. I believe there’s a quote somewhere that basically says if someone notices a writer is sitting someplace or isn’t on time, it’s okay, because all we have to say is, "I’m a writer" and no other questions are asked, haha.

    I wish you continued success for the rest of your semester! Good luck! 🙂


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