How does your writing practice benefit you?

According to A Writer’s
Book of Days
by Judy Reeves, these are the effects of a writing practice.
What do you think? And what would you add?

Daily writing practice sessions improve your

Writing will come easier and be less forced

You’ll take more risks in your writing

You’ll become less self-conscious; your writing
will be looser, freer

You’ll learn your rhythms as a writer and what
you want to write about

You’ll discover your secrets and glimpse your

You’ll have an opportunity to grieve what needs
to be grieved, and to heal

You’ll feel good about yourself as a writer and
experience increased self-esteem

You’ll fill notebooks, which may mean the
beginnings, middles, and endings of some projects you didn’t even know you
wanted to write

I certainly agree with all of these points. And I think a daily writing practice can multiply
these benefits. I find writing daily allows me write even more freely and yes–
my writing is looser, more confident. I suppose it’s like anything else—the
more you do it, the better you get. The more you practice, the more you gain. I
also love the idea of a writing practice becoming a discovery of secrets and
shadows. These surprises are one of the main reasons I write. We learn things about ourselves, those hidden things, and grow not
only as writers, but as people. Worth it, indeed.

just put in your time. That is not enough. You have to make a great effort. Be
willing to put your whole life on the line when you sit down for


photo by: Lyubomir Bukov

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2 thoughts on “How does your writing practice benefit you?

  1. Jacqueline Murillo

    I loved your article so much, that I kind of made a spanish version of it in my blog, with a few comments of my own. Daily writing is also a means to see the story when you still don’t know where your writing is taking you. So, even when you think there is no direction at all in all your loose notes, unconnected fragments, and disperse impressions, sometimes there is a book taking shape. At some point we will be able to see it, even when it’s uncomplete, and fill in the gaps. You can visit my article here: "Los beneficios de escribir todos los días" (The Benefits of Daily Writing),


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