Writing the Story Ending That Gets the Best Deal: Sept. 5 Webinar With Critique by Larry Brooks

We know that agents, publishers, and readers are looking for a killer premise, something that draws them to your story. But a quieter truth, one that can get your novel or screenplay sold, is that these same three constituencies care desperately about how your story will end. A great ending can elevate a story’s effectiveness. Too many writers pitch and even write their stories without a clear ending in mind. This can work, it’s all a part of the author’s chosen writing process, but the cost of this approach is the inability to pitch and then leverage the ending during the writing process. If the ending works, if it rocks the reader’s world, it becomes the most powerful and addictive part of the pitch itself.

During this live webinar, author and creator of Storyfix.com, Larry Brooks, will break effective endings down into their core elements across multiple categories, using examples and benchmarks to show how they are not only natural and organic culminations of your dramatic sequence, but how – when done right – they can be designed to penetrate the heart and mind of readers in way that leaves a mark. The new webinar is called “Writing the Story Ending That Gets the Best Deal” and it all happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, and lasts 90 minutes.


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All registrants are invited to submit their answers to the five questions below. Please limit your answer to each question to 50 words or less. Larry Brooks will evaluate your answers to the following questions, and provide insightful, specific feedback designed to help you create the strongest possible payoff for your story premise – a payoff that can convince agents to represent you and editors to acquire your work.

  1. What is the core/key “dramatic question” posed by your story? (Example: “Will your hero find the true killer before the police complete the frame-up they are out to perpetrate?”)
  2. Why will your reader be emotionally invested in this question?
  3. What is your hero’s goal relative to that core dramatic question?
  4. What surprises await the hero, and the reader, along the path toward resolution?
  5. How are you planning on ending the story, and what will the reader feel when the moment arrives?

Please Note: Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, registering for this live version will enable you to receive the On Demand webinar and a personal critique of your material. Purchasing the On Demand version after the live event will not include a critique.


  • The various categories of endings, with plusses and minuses of each
  • How and why the ending begins with your first scene
  • The emotional forces at work behind the scenes of your ending
  • How to leverage the power of your ending to develop the body of the story
  • Common ending mistakes that can sink your entire story
  • What “resolution” really means
  • How ending connects to character arc
  • How to end an installment in a series
  • How to end an “anti-hero” story
  • How to avoid the dreaded deus ex machina
  • What satisfies, what doesn’t
  • Acid tests for endings that work. Sign up for the webinar here.


Larry Brooks is the creator of Storyfix.com, one of the hottest writing sites on the internet. He is the author of six psychological thrillers, as well as the bestselling writing books, Story Engineering, and the recently published Story Physics (both from Writers Digest Books). Publishers Weekly reviewers comment frequently on his endings, which he insists are the centerpiece of his story planning process, and can be engineered for maximum reader impact once the author understands the criteria to make that happen.


  • Writers who are planning a story before beginning a draft
  • Writers who can’t plan a story ahead of time
  • Writers with a manuscript that delivers a flat/clunky ending
  • Writers who want more than a “fight scene” for an ending
  • Writers who want to re-write their ending
  • Writers with a draft that doesn’t have an ending on the horizon
  • Writers of series fiction

Sign up for the webinar here.

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