Writing Conferences: 4 Things to Know

A writer friend of mine who does a lot more than write, Kerrie Flanagan, has a nice blog post up about what it’s like to go to a writers conference for the first time, and her “Four Rules” for getting the most out one. It’s up on her blog, which is called “The Writing Bug.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“I remember the first one I attended. I felt like Captain Kirk landing the Spaceship Enterprise on some alien planet. I felt out of place, I didn’t speak the language and at times I wanted Scotty to beam me up. BUT, once I made it through, I realized all my doubts and apprehensions about whether or not I belonged were self-inflicted. No one cared that I hadn’t published anything yet. It was clear we were all there for the same reasons; because we were passionate about writing and because we wanted to continue to hone our craft. Over the years, I have attended many other conferences and found them to be a valuable investment of my time and money.”



Check Out These Great Upcoming Writers Conferences:

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