Writing Coach Offers a Free Webinar to Talk About the Story, Craft & Business of Writing

Sometimes you hear people mention writing how they worked with a “writing coach.” But then you wonder: What does a writing coach do? How do they help? Well, luckily for us, a real writing coach—Nina Munteanu—is offering a free webinar to talk about the craft and business of writing, as well as storytelling and inspiration in general.

You can find the free, on-demand webinar here
(it’s like a podcast with images).

Here’s the gist: Nina, the writing coach, is offering to teach you some things about writing for free. She will also answer some frequently asked questions that came straight from Writer’s Digest.

  • What resources and tools do you recommend for writers?
  • What types of classes or writing groups do you recommend?
  • Which do you think aren’t worth the time?
  • How do I make sure I maintain the right level of objectivity when I’m writing about things I’m passionate about?
  • How do you balance plot and characters in your story?
  • What are the elements of a strong hero? What are the elements of a strong villain?
  • How do I know if my story moves too slowly or too quickly? How do I fix it?
  • How do you weave in theme within a story?
  • How do you choose the right point of view for your story?
  • Should I outline before I begin writing a story?
  • Where should I begin when I’m revising?
  • How do you promote your work?
  • How do you know when you’re story is ready to submit?
  • How do you know which markets are best for your work?

Register for the free on-demand, online event here!

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One thought on “Writing Coach Offers a Free Webinar to Talk About the Story, Craft & Business of Writing

  1. Nina Munteanu

    Hi, Chuck!

    I’m looking forward to the webinar and questions from attending writers. Thanks for posting this!

    Best Wishes,
    Nina Munteanu
    p.s. I cited some of your work in my writing fiction guidebook, "The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!" currently being used in schools, colleges and universities throughout North America. Thought you’d like to know… 🙂


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