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Word Count

Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post


Word count is something I don’t think about too often until I travel to a writers’ conference, and then someone asks a simple, innocent question and a firestorm follows. With that in mind, I’ve tried to put together the definitive post on word count for fiction (novels, young adult, middle grade and even memoir). Read more

Questions About Writing Memoir…

Q. I’m a first time author, and have written a memoir about my autistic  son.  How important is having a platform for a memoir?  I keep  hearing that memoir is treated like … Read more

Talking Nonfiction: Word Count and Promotion

Here are some questions that came in recently.  Both hadto do with nonfiction. Q. For nonfiction: Once the book is published, is the author required to keep a website going about themselves … Read more

Agent Advice: Kate McKean of Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc.


This installment features Kate McKean of Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc. A native Southerner, Kate earned her Master’s degree in Fiction Writing from the University of Southern Mississippi before starting her career as a literary agent.

She is seeking: Her interests lie in literary fiction, contemporary women’s fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery, young adult and middle grade fiction, narrative nonfiction, sports related books, food writing, pop culture, and craft. Read more

Is It Young Adult or Middle Grade?

Q. My 96,000-word manuscript features a 12 yr old and 11 yrs old protagonist, the themes are dark. Have been looking around and am unsure — YA or mid-grade?  Help!        – … Read more

How Long is a Novella? And How Do You Query Agents For Them?

Q. What is the average length of a novella?  And is it’pitched’ to literary agents the same way novels are ‘pitched’?         – Gene A. Novellas generally run 20,000-50,000 words.  About … Read more

Why Can't I Get Past the Query?

Q. I know this will sound trite, but I have exhausted a multitude of possibilities, and have come up with a dismal fact. Unless you are a well-known actor or perhaps a … Read more

Nathan Bransford Talks Word Count for Novels

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown has a great post here on how writers commonly make their manuscripts too long.  See his entire post for his thoughts on all this. He … Read more