WD's April Premium Kit is "The Successful Nighttime Novelist." Tons of Stuff Packaged at a Deep Discount.

The WD Premium Collection Bundle Kits are new this year and they’re very simple in nature. We bundle a ton of stuff relating to a topic—in this case, The Successful Novelist—and we sell the bundle of awesome material at 72% off. Easy peasy. There were 50 bundles for the April kit and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab one here. (We have sold out every month’s kits so far. The bundles are worth it and go fast.)


Find the time to write no matter when, no matter where. This premium collection gives you the tools to write a successful novel from beginning to end. Grab one here.

WD’s April “Successful Nighttime Novelist

Premium Collection” includes:

  1. The Nighttime Novelist: Mini lessons help you make the most out of your precious writing time. From technique instruction that breaks down the elements of a novel to 25 interactive worksheets, you will be off writing your novel in no time.
  2. The 3 A.M. Epiphany: More than 200 writing exercises help you think, write and revise. You will create refreshing new fiction, discover bold new insights and explore that it means to be a writer.
  3. The 4 A.M. Breakthrough: Train your writing instincts with 200 unique, stimulating exercises. Tackle challenging themes and lay foundations for all of your writing projects. A companion to the 3 a.m. Epiphany, this book will allow you to understand the problems and processes of a more complex type of fiction writing.
  4. Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner: Chart your entire writing life for a year, providing space for creative notes, goals, deadlines, submissions, and to-do lists. In addition, it offers essential tips for submitting and selling work.
  5. 12 Weeks to a First Draft Independent Study Workshop: Learn how to employ writing techniques, pace your novel and maintain writing routine with clear objectives. Each week will consist of a writing assignment emphasizing that week’s particular week’s writing lesson, as well as writing a 2,000 to 2,500 portion of your novel.
  6. “Start Your Story Right” On-Demand Webinar: Learn what agents and editors want and what a unique beginning looks like. Find out if your story begins with an overused technique and learn how to avoid the dreaded datadump.
  7. Writer’s Digest February 2010 Digital Issue—Get Creative: This issue focuses on getting creative and finding more time to write. Articles include “Why Inspiration Matters,” “Marry Your Life to Your Writing,” “DIY Writing Retreats,” and “Essentials of the Writing Life.”

The total collection is valued at $440.95, but is available for the month of April for just $124.99, a savings of over 72%!
Only 50 available. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab one here.

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