WD Webinar & Critique Schedule, June 2018: 4 Live Writing Webinars Airing This Month

Our live writing webinars cover every aspect of writing, from how to get started all the way to getting your writing published. Hone your craft by participating in one of our online writing webinars or seminars today. We offer live writing tutorials hosted by experienced guest speakers, ready to teach you.

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Live Writing Webinars Airing This Month:

Wizards, Robots, and Ghosts: Navigating Narration Within Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Critique Included: Up to 750 words

Presenter: Mary C. Moore
Date: June 14, 2018

During this brand new live webinar, Mary will help you learn how to navigate and balance the elements of active prose and world-building in order to write a strong SFF novel that will catch and hold a reader’s attention.

Getting the Most Out of Your Self-Editing

Critique Included: First five pages

Presenter: Kaitlyn Johnson
Date: June 21, 2018

From spelling and grammar to plot holes and pacing, this brand new live webinar will help clarify how self-editing targets common errors and pitfalls in first draft pages, as well as instruct what elements to focus on to strengthen the big picture.

The First 10 Pages: How to Get (and Keep!) An Editor’s Attention

Critique Included: Up to 1,000 words

Presenter: Blair Thornburgh
Date: June 26, 2018

In this live webinar, Blair will take you inside the “editor’s brain” to show you how to start with a bang, hook your reader onward, avoid jarring out of the story, and creating an immediate, must-read rapport on the page.

Writing a Query that Stands Out

Critique Included: Query and first 1,000 words

Presenter: Sarah LaPolla
Date: June 28, 2018

In this live webinar, literary agent Sarah LaPolla teaches you how to make sure an agent notices your query for the right reasons. Get tips on technique, style, what will stand out, and what to do next.


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