August 12: Agent Rachelle Gardner Will Critique Your Query Letter and Share Tips on How to Write a Dynamite Pitch

Agent Rachelle Gardner of Wordserve Literary (famous for her super blog on publishing) is teaching a new webinar: “Novel/Memoir Pitches and Queries (Critique Series)” on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

4 Reasons to
Attend Her Webinar:

1) Get a professional critique from an agent.
Every webinar attendee gets thoughts on their query from Rachelle! Heck, if she loves your query, she may just request pages.

2) Top instruction on how to compose a killer query. Rachelle is extremely respected in the published industry, and she is
passing on her top tips on getting your fiction and memoir published.

3) Your questions answered.
Rachelle is not only teaching, but she will be answering questions from the audience, as well. Every writer’s work is different, so if you new answers to a few personal questions, go ahead and ask them. No question goes unanswered.

4) A personal call with Rachelle to talk. Five attendees will be chosen at random to win a 20-minute personal phone call from Rachelle!



It all goes down at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010, and lasts 90 minutes. Attendees
will have access to the presentation for one year, so if you have to
leave in the middle, you can catch the rest later. (
If you have questions about the program, contact


“Novel/Memoir Pitches and Queries (Critique Series)” is an intensive webinar for writers of fiction and memoir. If you’re writing
a novel or life story, it takes a stunning query to grab an agent’s attention from the slush pile. You’ve got less than a minute to capture their attention and make them request more material. Plenty of writers can write but have trouble putting together a concise and compelling query, and that’s what this webinar is all

What attendees will learn:

  • How to draw an agent into your story through your pitch paragraph, where you summarize your story in several lines.
  • What goes into a killer query—from making a connection to an agent, to
    drafting an exciting description of the work that will leave agents wanting more.
  • The importance of a one-sentence tagline that gets a reader excited about your book.
  • How agents and editors quickly look over a project and decide if it has the necessary elements to make them request more.
  • What goes at the end of a query letter—i.e., how to handle listing your writing accomplishments and credits, whether you have impressive things to say, or this is your first writing endeavor of any kind.


Let’s cut right to the chase: Rachelle knows her stuff. Her publishing blog
has been on the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites every single year that
her site’s been in existence. If memory serves, she mentioned that
about 450,000 people visited her site last year to learn from her. What
does it all mean? Rachelle knows how to communicate ideas and tips that
writers can take away.

She is an agent with Wordserve Literary Group. She’s looking at all genres of adult fiction
except fantasy, sci-fi, and erotica, and prefers stories with strong
characters and page-turning plots. Currently her favorite genres are
contemporary women’s fiction, historical romance, and romantic
suspense. In nonfiction, she’s looking for authors with strong messages
(for either a Christian audience or the general market) and significant
marketing platforms.

Sign up for the webinar here!

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