Agent Sara Megibow is Teaching a Webinar on How to Hook an Agent with Your First Pages – Jan. 13

You all know the great ladies over at Nelson Literary, right? Well, Kristin Nelson taught a fantastic webinar for us a while back, and now we are honored to have Nelson Literary’s Sara Megibow teaching a webinar on “How to Hook an Agent with Your First Pages and Chapter One” on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011.



This 90-minute webinar happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011. However, please keep in mind you do not need to attend live to hear the instruction or receive the critique. This is because all attendees get access to an archived recording of the webinar for one year. Sign up here!     

4 Reasons to Attend:

1. The critique. Sara is offering a free supplemental critique of the first three pages of your novel (double-spaced). No query needed! Sara will personally read each submission.

2. If Sara likes your first pages, she will request more!
Many writers say, “If I could just get someone to
get past my query and READ the manuscript, I think they would like it …”
Well, let’s do it! Listen carefully to the workshop, learn about what
makes that opening scene work well, evaluate your own writing, and send
it in.
Sign up here. 

3. Instruction. Sara has sold books in many genres, and she reps a whole bunch of fiction categories. She will delve into all those things that make an agent stop reviewing your first pages, and all those things that make an agent want keep reading!

4. Ask Sara questions! You have a burning question that never seems to get answered? Ask Sara directly! She will be taking questions in real time during the event, and no question goes unanswered.


  • Avoiding the dreaded datadump: The number one reason Sara stops reading a partial is datadump – avoid it like the plague! You can’t start your novel or memoir with a boatload of information. The story must begin with tension, trouble or an interesting scene. Description and detail should leak out over time.
  • Do readers clearly understand what the book is about, and can an agent explain this concept to editors? How can the pitch, whether fiction or nonfiction, be clearer and streamlined?
  • What superior writing and a unique beginning look like: Of course publishing is subjective – we all know this. But learn tips for mastering these two “hot” skills. We will examine several successful openings to novels and memoirs. Sign up here. 
  • What agents and editors do want: What agents and editors look for in terms of pacing, characterization and plot … right from the start!
  • Early clichés and problems: Does your story start with a dream? Does the main character look at themselves in the mirror in the first few pages? Does your crime novel begin with a PI waking up from a hangover? These are all overused techniques. What else is overused in genre writing, children’s tales and storytelling? Sara will reveal lots more.


Instructor Sara Megibow has worked as a literary agent at the Nelson Literary Agency since 2006. Sara has successfully sold projects in a variety of genres and is doing very well at helping debut authors break in to the market. A few deals from 2010 include the debut novel SCORE by Miranda Kenneally to Sourcebooks Fire, and debut contemporary romance EXPOSURE THERAPY by Roni Loren to Berkley/ Penguin. Nelson Literary Agency is a member of RWA, SFWA and SCBWI. Sara is on twitter as @SaraMegibow

Questions? Write

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