Agent Mary Kole is Teaching a Webinar on How to Get Your Kids/Teen Fiction Published (Feb. 3, 2011)

Several months ago, literary agent Mary Kole taught her first webinar for WD. The event was such an extraordinary success that she is coming back for round two of teaching on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011. If you missed her session (and free supplemental critique!) the first time around, don’t miss it again. The webinar is called Publish Your Children’s or Teen Fiction in Today’s Market: How to hook an agent with your ‘Once upon a time…’ and make your own fairy tale. Sign up here!


4 Reasons to

Attend Mary’s Webinar

1. A critique of your work!
All registrants are invited to submit 1-2 pages of
their work, double-spaced (500 words or fewer) of your middle-grade or
young adult prose, OR the first 300 words of your picture book following
the event. All submissions are guaranteed a critique by Mary.

2. Mary’s instruction.
Her KidLit blog on kids writing is one of the most popular agent blogs
on the Internet for a reason: Mary knows her stuff and love the
children’s writing scene. I just even learned that Mary’s been asked to teach at SCBWI conferences in Hong Kong and Japan. You don’t get flown to Asia twice to teach unless you’re an awesome instructor.
What you’ll learn in this session:

  • The essential elements of books written for younger children, tweens, and teens
  • How your kid reader thinks about fiction and what they want
  • What agents and editors look for in terms of pitch, writing, and book premise
  • How to make your hook absolutely irresistible
  • What separates an aspiring writer from a contracted author in this field

Sign up here for the webinar!

3. You can ask Mary questions.
She’ll be taking questions in real time from the audience, so you can
ask questions specific to your circumstances and project. If you’ve
always wanted to ask a pro something, now’s the time.

4. Get your work in front of the eyes of an agent. You
already know all attendees are guaranteed a quick critique of their
first pages. But keep in mind if Mary happens to love what she reads,
she’ll request more pages and keep reading your book. And that, my
friends, is a wonderful way to jump the slush pile. Sign up here.


  • Writers who are actively querying agents and publishers with their children’s books
  • Writers who aren’t sure about where their writing fits into the children’s market
  • Writers who have always wanted to try writing a children’s book, whether for publication or as a keepsake
  • Writers who want to improve their pitches and hooks
  • Writers who want to take the next step toward publication in the children’s market

Sign up here for Mary’s webinar!

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