WD’s Tunesday: Volume 2 — Name That Tune and Win Awesome Writing Stuff

Enjoy a little rock & roll music from time to time? Who doesn’t? Well I’m trying something fun and different (again!) today as a Tuesday pick-me-up to try and get your week going. It’s my own crazy variation of NAME THAT TUNE and I’m calling it WD’S TUNESDAY. This is Volume 2. It runs until Dec. 19, 2012. See Volume 1 here.

The rules and the gist are simple. Watch the video. I play 12 riffs on my guitar. You try to name as many of them as you can, and e-mail me your answers to literaryagent at fwmedia dot com. The person who names the most correct answers gets lots of cool prizes (see below). It’s a great excuse to call upon friends and relatives to help you ID the songs, as they are from different decades. It’s also a great excuse to blow off whatever dull work you’re doing and listen to music instead. And if you can’t name all 12 songs, feel free to enter anyway! If no one can name all 12, the closest number wins. ALSO: If you can name 8 correctly, you automatically get entered into a drawing to a win a free WD book!

You think you got what it takes? Need a little rock & roll music to liven up your day? Then listen in as I try to do these riffs justice on my guitar. Simply click on the video to play. The rules and prizes are below. Good luck! Feel free to share news of the contest with this TinyURL link: http://tinyurl.com/b6etzfw




  1. A one-year subscription to WritersMarket.com (value: $50)
  2. A free critique by me of any one of the following: 1) your query letter, 2) your synopsis, 3) your first 2 double-spaced manuscript pages.
  3. A short, lighthearted “Winner Interview” with you posted on this blog and the WritersDigest.com homepage to get to know you and your writing projects real quick. (Receives 100,000+ page views a month. The interview, naturally, is optional.)
  4. Praise from yours truly as the first awesome winner of the Tunesday challenge.


To enter, email your answers to literaryagent@fwmedia.com. DO NOT LEAVE OFFICIAL ENTRIES BELOW — THEY DO NOT COUNT. E-mail is the official way to enter because if you write some of the answers below, you cannot win and people will only steal your answers. I cannot shut off comments for this post, but if you leave a comment that has answers, I will delete it as quickly as I can. That said, feel free to ask questions or talk about anything else in the comments. You can also email me, if need be.


  • E-MAIL me your answers to compete. That is the only way to officially enter to get the awesome prizes below.
  • Past winners cannot win again.
  • E-mail your answers to literaryagent@fwmedia.com with the word “Tunes” in the subject line.
  • You need to correctly identify the song title in full or at least very close. You do NOT need to correct ID the artist, but feel free to.
  • If multiple people are able to guess all 12 riffs, then the first one to do so correctly is the grand-prize winner. So time does factor in. That said, it will be interesting to see if someone guesses all 12 right and how quickly. It is unclear whether speed will be of the essence or if someone will wait a while until they figure out all 12.
  • You are only allowed one entry per person, so make sure you get your guesses right before submitting.
  • If no one guesses all 12 correctly (quite possible), then the person who guesses the most, the soonest, will win.
  • If you can guess 8 correctly, you are automatically entered into a raffle to win a free WD book. So there is value in entering even if some tunes stump you.
  • The song choices vary a lot, and I tried to make this somewhat difficult. I highly encourage you to call upon relatives of different ages to help you decipher these tasty licks.
  • Contest is over at EOD, Dec. 19, 2012. I will then review all submitted emails and announce winners 1) on this post, 2) in a new post, and 3) by a personal notification via email.
  • Contest is open to all persons worldwide not working for F+W Media, or directly related to someone who works at F+W media. Questions? Leave them in the comments below. Good luck!


The Songwriter’s Market is the bible for unsigned
artists looking to find an artist or producer and
showcase their musical talents.


For years, I played around town in a Cincinnati
cover band and blogged about the ridiculous
soap opera on this blog. Read all the humorous stories here.

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