WD’s New Premium Collection: How to Write Mysteries & Thrillers

For a limited time in July 2012, we have a few copies left of our new premium collection. You’ll Love This Premium Collection If:

  • You’re a fan of mysteries and thrillers
  • You’re an aspiring author
  • You’re looking for concrete advice on how to improve your story





Do you love reading and writing mysteries or thrillers? Does your idea of a great book include elements that are suspenseful, thrilling, gripping, enthralling, or dynamic? Check out the Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection today and break into this scary genre!

Whether you’re just starting to create your story’s characters or ready to sell your manuscript to an agent or editor, you’ll find everything you need to devise, plot, and create a thrilling mystery or thriller that will leave your readers glued to the pages of your book. Buy the Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection today. Save more than $200.

More About The Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection:

Howdunit: Book of Poisons (Paperback Book): Craft the perfect crime with this book. You’ll learn about different types of poisons and their reaction times, toxicity levels, symptoms, and administration. From household poisons to deadly plants, street drugs, and chemical weapons, you’ll have pages of medical terms and information at your fingertips. RETAIL:$19.99

Howdunit: Forensics (Paperback Book): Discover the role forensic evidence plays in crime solving to inject your story with believable and realistic elements. You’ll learn how to write crime scenes, conduct autopsies, and study real-life cases. RETAIL:$19.99

Howdunit: Police Procedure & Investigation (Paperback Book): Learn how police investigations work including the tools police officers use, courtroom terminology, and much more. RETAIL:$19.99

Writing Mysteries (Paperback Book): Through informal essays by today’s top mystery authors, you’ll learn how to write a mystery book. They cover how to start and end your story, the problems of inventing a recurring character, and how to craft a gripping plot. RETAIL:$16.99

The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier (Paperback Book): If you need to improve the grammar and mechanics within your story, the lessons within this book can help strengthen your writing. RETAIL:$9.99

Elements of Fiction Writing: Conflict & Suspense (PDF): Keep your readers hooked and learn how to create conflict and maintain suspense within your mystery or thriller. You’ll also learn fiction writing techniques to help craft scenes, create characters, and develop storylines. RETAIL:$16.99

Writing & Selling Your Mystery Novel (PDF): Author Hallie Ephron divides the book into five parts – planning, writing, revising, selling, and an appendix of resources. You’ll learn tips for writing your mystery or thriller, practice exercises, and get an appendix filled with listings for mystery conferences, organizations, contests, guidebooks, and more. RETAIL:$16.99

Bullies, Bastards & Bitches (PDF): Learn how to create three-dimensional characters, including villains, monsters, bad boys, bitches, and bullies. Plus, get detailed examples from contemporary and classic novels. RETAIL:$16.99

• Writer’s Digest Thriller/Suspense Short Story Competition Entry: Enter our thriller/suspense short story competition for your chance to win $2,500 and a trip to next year’s Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City! RETAIL:$20.00

• How to Write a Dynamite Mystery or Thriller That Sells (OnDemand Webinar): Published author Elizabeth Sims talks about the storytelling techniques you need to hook your audience, how to start with an idea for a mystery or thriller and build a novel-length plot, and the elements of a successful book within in this genre. RETAIL:$79.99

• Writing & Selling a Page Turner (OnDemand Webinar): Hallie Ephron teaches you how to write plot twists and surprise endings, techniques for creating a compelling sleuth and enticing villain, and explains how to keep your readers guessing and when to reveal clues. Plus, you’ll learn how to engage your reader and catch the eye of an agent or editor. RETAIL:$79.99


Buy the collection here while editions are still available!


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