WD’s February 2013 Bundled Collection is “Writing for Children & Young Adults” (at 83% Off!)

Writer’s Digest’s new Premium Collections are a pretty cool deal. What happens is that a bunch of our products and/or services are bundled together and sold at a ridiculous discount. For February 2013, the “Writing for Children & Young Adult” collection is 10 awesome products bundled together and sold at 83% off. Each collection has a limited number — and is sold for a limited time — so check out this amazing premium collection (and get your book for kids published!) before it sells out.




The Writing for Children and Young Adults Premium Collection includes:

1. Writing for Children & Young Adults Independent Study Workshop (Spiral-bound Workbook): In this workshop in a book, you will become familiar with the genre and audience of the YA novel, learn specific strategies for improving the core components of your YA book—such as character, plot, and setting—and, finally, unearth the mysteries of querying agents and editors. (Retail: $250.00)

2. Publish Your Children’s or Teen Fiction in Today’s Market (OnDemand Webinar): Successfully hooking an agent—and kid readers—with your writing takes voice, incredible characterization, and an exciting plot. In this market, you also need a commercial premise that’ll immediately spark the imagination. Learn what each audience in children’s books is looking for and how you can capitalize on these needs from literary agent Mary Kole. You’ll also learn how to make your project and pitch irresistible so you can take the next step toward publication. (Retail: $79.00)

3. Creating Great Characters & Relationships in MG & YA (OnDemand Webinar): When you write novels for readers aged 9-12 (middle grade) or 13+ (young adult), you need to focus on your characterizations first and foremost, because these voracious readers love bonding with protagonists. This 90-minute webinar with literary agent Mary Kole is devoted to developing your protagonist, giving them a formidable nemesis, and giving any romance in your book that spark that will draw in your audience. (Retail: $79.00)

4. Writing the Breakout Teen Novel (OnDemand Webinar): Get insight from literary agent Holly Root about what’s in, what’s out, and what you can expect on the road to publication in the highly competitive young adult novel genre. From crafting your concept to fine-tuning your voice, you’ll learn the tips you need to capture the attention of an agent and readers with your novel. (Retail: $79.00)

5. 2013 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market (Paperback Book): In this fully-updated release, you’ll find hundreds of listings for children’s book publishers and agents, paired with informative articles on writing for kids, getting paid for your writing, how to attend a writers conference, and the do’s and don’ts of writing a query letter. Writers have trusted Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market for over 20 years – now you can too! (Retail: $29.99)

6. Writing Irresistible KidLit (Paperback Book): Make your kidlit irresistible! In this new book from literary agent Mary Kole, you will learn to recognize the differences between middle grade and young adult audiences, Tailor your manuscript’s tone, length, and content to your readership, avoid common mistakes and clichés that are prevalent in YA and MG fiction, and develop themes and big ideas in your novel that will strike emotional chords with your readers. (Retail: $19.99)

7. Writing & Selling the YA Novel (Paperback Book): Learn to write for young adults from start to finish! Inside, you’ll find instruction on writing for this special audience including discussions of plot, setting, characters and revision. You will also get tips on getting your novel published and promoting it once you have a book contract. (Retail: $14.99)

8. Children’s Writer’s Word Book (eBook PDF): In writing for younger audiences, it’s important to use the right vocabulary and language for your audience. Easily find appropriate words for children of various ages, and discover substitute words that might work even better. Write in a style that speaks to young audiences by choosing just the right words. (Retail: $16.99)

9. Writing for Kids & YA (Digital Magazine): Create stories young readers will love! In this exclusive digital magazine from Writer’s Digest, you’ll learn the ropes of writing for children and young adults from some of the best in the business. Includes guides to hone your craft and tips from successful young adult and children’s authors. (Retail: $9.99)

10. Middle Grade and YA – Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript (eBook Excerpt): If you are interested in landing an agent and eventually getting a middle grade or young adult novel published, you’ll need to know where to begin. Discover the best submission tips and advice for writing a query letter that will impress editors and agents! You’ll also get examples of query letters for fiction and nonfiction books and email queries. (Retail: $5.99)


Purchase this limited-time collection now!




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