TONS of Agent Interviews/Tips on SCBWI Summer Conference Site

Recently (2009), the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators had their monstrously big summer conference in LA. A team of awesome bloggers, include our very own Alice Pope, blogged everythingincluding oodles and oodles of agent info. Check out some of the stuff they caught below and get on over to that site ASAP!

  • Kelly Sonnack of Andrea Brown Literary Agency explains how to avoid childish mistakes when writing for children.
  • Steven Malk of Writers House on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting: An Agent’s Guide from Query Letter to Published Book”
  • Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary on “A Recipe for Writing the Breakout Novel: 5 Ingredients for Success”
  • Dan Lazar of Writers House on “How to Craft a Winning Query Letter: Secrets to Keep You Out of the Reject Pile”
  • Brenda Bowen of Sanford J. Greenberger on the agents panel: “The State of the Business” Part 2.


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