The Value of Writing for Anthologies

My earliest attraction to reading was the short story genre and nonfiction. Nonfiction, be it a short story or essay, liberates both the author and reader within a reality that no other genre can transcend. As the saying goes: “Truth can be stranger than fiction.”

I also have always been drawn to anthologies. An anthology offers many authors’ perspectives and styles on the same theme. It is a book of anticipation and readers’ opportunities filled with a variety of choices, colors, meanings and emotions. In one book readers are offered several authors and their work.


Guest column by Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow, founding
general manager of WYCC-TV/PBS. She is an author,
public speaker, and award-winning educator and
broadcaster. Her essays can be found in these
upcoming anthologies: This I Believe: On Love
(Wiley); Chicken Soup for the Soul Grieving
and Recovery (Simon & Schuster); and Thin
Threads Anthology – More Real Stories of Life
Changing Moments (Kiwi). See Elynne’s website here.



There is a need for anthologies to become a greater mainstream choice of the reading public and reviewers. Anthology authors, editors and publishers must market and inspire reviewers and the public to develop a taste and hunger for quality anthologies.

It is no wonder that, as an author, I have chosen to write nonfiction stories and to be published in anthologies. When I began my professional writing career three years ago, nonfiction was a natural fit for me. I have been blessed to have experienced a life filled with many stories I wish to share. I made the conscious decision that in starting my career as a published author, anthologies would offer me a diverse and potentially larger audience and distribution than having all my stories in one book. As I have built my publishing credits and platform, my own collection of stories is a future consideration.


For now, my plan is working well. The publishers and editors of the anthologies my work is published in all promote their books. I am happy to be part of their families with my work exposed to their many audiences. I have also developed my own loyal following based on my published work, my performances of my stories for various organizations and my Public Broadcasting television background.

The anthology market for publication is very competitive. There are very talented writers who are vying for a place in these books. Some anthologies are nonfiction. Others are a combination of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. As a reference, some of the books and publishers my work is in are listed here. Check out the publisher’s submission calls. Write and submit!


My work is in three Chicken Soup for the Soul books. The newest out in February is “Grieving and Recovery,” with my story “The Red Pen.”  The international scope of the Chicken Soup audience is a bonus. This I Believe: On Love (Wiley) is coming out in November with my story “Four Sisters In Life And Death.” This anthology is based on the award winning National Public Radio series. Kiwi, a new and growing east coast publisher, is publishing my story “The Hat” in November in their Thin Threads anthology.

To learn about even more of my stories in included anthologies, visit my website. And good luck submitting!

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