The Newest Genre: Cyberbilly

CyberbillyA writing genre
that crosses cyberpunk
with hillbilly

A writer in Georgia said he’s writing in this new genre. That said, his detailed definition of what exactly constituted “cyberbilly” was confusing at best (and I told him that the combination of cyberpunk and hillbilly, in my opinion,  makes little sense), but he seemed to have a good grasp of what he was doing—and that’s all that matters.

Regardless—it’s an awesome name for a new genre, no? Literary agents always say, “Don’t follow trends; instead, write as if to start the next trend.” Well, this guy was listening!

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4 thoughts on “The Newest Genre: Cyberbilly

  1. R.L. Tipton

    Oh, I can see it now:

    A man in a beat-up 70s model Chevy with ‘cancer of the rocker panels’, Blackberry in hand, laptop alligator clipped to a marine battery in the floorboard, sitting in the middle of a Georgia swamp listening to the bullfrogs chanting out his muse-a-minute connection. His cell phone rings. "Hellow? Hellow? Ah cain’t hyar ya. Th’ c’nection’s fadin’! Hellowwww?"

    Another victim of technilogical screams his angst among the swampgrass and scrub pines.


    I’m from Kentucky, by the way, and if they have hillbillies in (flat) Georgia, they had to have imported them from somewhere, methinks.



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