The GLA Has Landed

The 2008 Guide to Literary Agents arrived in house today!

This edition, the 16th, is not one to miss. It has more than 650 total listings—with literary agents, script agents and writers’ conferences in the directory. This most recent edition has more than 100 new literary agents that were not listed in previous versions of the book. That’s more potential representatives for good writers out there looking for a match.

There’s no exact date when the book will be in bookstores, but it should be shipped within several weeks. In the meantime, it’s available for pre-order from, with a July 19 release date. The book also has more than 80 pages of upfront articles and interviews—all for the purpose of helping writers perfect their craft and contact agents successfully. I’ll post some snippets from these articles as time goes on. Until then, I’ll just sit back and browse through my book, while, at least once an hour, visiting a nearby co-worker to show it off.

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