The Crested Butte Writers Conference — Notes From the 2012 Event

In June 2012, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Crested Butte Writers Conference in Crested Butte, CO. I’m telling you—this cute mountain town is AWESOME. It’s artsy and small and everyone knows each other and everyone bikes everywhere and it’s full of fun characters. What a great town. Sunshine in the summers; skiing in the winters. The only thing I had problem with was the altitude. I set off to run one afternoon and almost passed out after going 0.5 miles. I had to turn Bon Jovi up loud on my iPod just to finish one mile!

The conference itself was fantastic. There were about 75 attendees for the intimate event, and four literary agents were in attendance along with editors and authors. There were open readings, panels, sessions, critiques, and more. If you want to plan a summer getaway in 2013, seriously consider this awesome conference. The town is great and the event was amazing.

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The big publishing panel at the event. All four of the event’s literary agents are sitting on the panel with me.

Dinner out at one of the cute restaurants in Crested Butte, CO. Sitting with writers, presenters, and organizers.

Me selling books, obviously told to “SMILE this time!” by the photographer.


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Me getting set to teach in a class.




I think this is a great picture of Crested Butte, because it shows the beautiful mountain west scenery, the plethora of lodges and condos everywhere, and how the town embraces its “come here and camp” identity.

HA. I just got an iPhone before this picture was taken at a dinner. Evidently I was so fascinated by my phone that they took this picture of me.


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