The Art of Revision: Perfecting Your Book For Submission: June 20 Webinar With Agent Michelle Brower

All published authors can tell you that their first draft looks nothing like the finished book they sign at bookstores. How do they edit their material to take their work to a professional level? What are agents/editors looking for today in terms of a polished manuscript? Is grammar all that important, or should the story speak for itself? How many revisions should a manuscript go through before it’s considered “ready”? What are some principles on cutting down your word count and streamlining your story?

In this popular, intensive webinar, “The Art of Revision: Perfecting Your Book For Submission,” literary agent Michelle Brower will answer these questions and more. The event happens at 1 p.m., Thursday, June 20, 2013, and lasts 90 minutes. All attendees will get a personal critique from Michelle. You can submit either a one-page synopsis or the first two double-spaced pages of your novel. (Remember that several agents — including Barbara Poelle, Louise Fury and Kathleen Ortiz — have signed writers after critiquing their work through a WD webinar.)


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You are invited to submit the first two double-spaced pages of your novel OR a one page plot summary/synopsis. All submissions are guaranteed a written critique by Michelle Brower within 60 days of receipt. If she deems your submission excellent, Michelle reserves the right to request more writing from you. Instructions on how to submit your work are sent after you officially register. Sign up for the webinar here.


  • How to developmentally edit for concept, structure, characters, and more
  • How to line edit for elegant, powerful sentences
  • Tips and tricks from authors who have successfully navigated the submission process
  • How to edit so that your book is most likely to appeal to today’s agents and editors
  • How to find and incorporate feedback from the right readers


Michelle Brower began her career in publishing in 2004 while studying for her Master’s degree in English Literature at New York University, and has been hooked ever since. During that time, she assisted the agents Wendy Sherman and Joelle Delbourgo, and found herself in love with the process of discovering new writers and helping existing writers further their careers. After graduating, she became an agent with Wendy Sherman Associates, and there began representing books in many different areas of fiction and nonfiction. In 2009, she joined Folio Literary Management ( She enjoys digging into a manuscript and working with authors to make their project as saleable as it can be, and her list includes the authors S.G. Browne, Rebecca Rasmussen, Jason Mott, and Michele Young-Stone, among many others.

Sign up for the webinar here!

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