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The 2014 Guide to Literary Agents is Out! Here are 44 Reasons to Buy It (and a Giveaway Contest!)

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The book is out and available everywhere books or sold — in major bookstores and online!

The new 2014 edition of the Guide to Literary Agents is out, all updated and packed with info. I realize there are other places you can turn to for information on agents, but the Guide to Literary Agents has always prided itself as being the biggest (we list almost every agent) and the most thorough (guidelines, sales, agent by agent breakdowns, etc.). That’s why it’s been around for 23 years and that’s why it’s sold more than 300,000 copies. It works—and if you keep reading, I’ll prove it to you with proof from 44 people.

Buy it here! When you order it online from our WD shop, you get the same deep discount you find on Amazon and other websites. Need more reasons to buy? How about some testimonials below from these very cool people.

THE GIVEAWAY!!! Comment on this post and just say anything nice about any element of Writer’s Digest you enjoy — from a blog post to a class or a book or anything else. In two weeks (Sept. 25, 2013), I will pick 3 winners randomly to win a copy of the book! It’s that easy. (UPDATE: cvanderpool, Jenxian and Justin Z. won.)  






sycamore Pickle-by-Kim-Baker blood-lance-cover-jeri


1. Kim Baker, author of the middle grade debut, PICKLE: THE (FORMERLY) ANONYMOUS PRANK CLUB OF FOUNTAIN POINT MIDDLE SCHOOL (Roaring Brook, 2012)

“I read the Guide to Literary Agents religiously when I was planning submissions”

2. Kate Maddison, author of debut THE INCREDIBLE CHARLOTTE SYCAMORE (Holiday House, 2013)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was the very first book I bought on the business of writing, several years ago. I remember the bookstore, the time of day, and what the young cashier looked like who sold it to me because she struck up a conversation, as she too hoped to get published one day. I read that thing from cover to cover!”

3. Jeri Westerson, author of the fantasy BLOOD LANCE: A MEDIEVAL NOIR and several other novels

“The whole writing industry is so confusing. Where to start? I started with the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents, where I not only created my list of agents and game plan, I received all sorts of excellent information in crafting my winning query letter. I recommend it to anyone starting out. And yes, I did get an agent through the Guide.”

marriage Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.23.48 AM crewel


4. Gennifer Albin, author of young adult novels CREWEL and ALTERED (FSG, 2013/2014)

“I’m a big fan of the Guide to Literary Agents. I got a lot of mileage out of mine, when I was looking for an agent, and I frequently recommend it.”

5. Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: The Essentials For Long-lasting Togetherness (Cider Mill Press)

“For some time I had been working on queries to publishers that would accept manuscripts directly from authors, with moments of hope, but no contract. I read the Guide to Literary Agents and thought, maybe it’s time to consider an agent! I immediately sent out several queries and later that same day my manuscript was requested by Jackie Meyer of Whimsy Literary Agency in New York. The following day Jackie asked for my okay to send the manuscript on to a publisher she had in mind, and within 24 hours she had sold my book!”

6. Lynne Raimondo, author of the mystery debut, DANTE’S WOOD (Seventh Street Books, 2013)

“The Guide to Literary Agents is how I found my agent [Brooks Sherman of FinePrint Literary].”



7. Marisha Chamberlain, author of the literary fiction novel The Rose Variations (Soho):

“Guide to Literary Agents oriented me, the lowly first-time novelist, embarking on an agent search. The articles and the listings gave insight into the world of literary agents that allowed me to comport myself professionally and to persist. And I did find a terrific agent [Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary].”

8. Eugenia Kim, author of the literary novel The Calligrapher’s Daughter (Holt)

“After so many years working on the novel, the relative speed of creating the query package prodded the impetus to send it out. As a fail-safe measure, I bought the Guide to Literary Agents and checked who might be a good fit for my novel…”

9. Eve Brown-Waite, author of the humorous memoir First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria (Broadway)

“I bought the Guide To Literary Agents… and came across Laney Katz Becker. So I sent off a very funny query. On March 15, 2007, Laney called. ‘I love your book,’ she said. ‘I’d like to represent you.’ Three and a half months (and several proposal revisions) later, Laney sold my book—at auction—in a six-figure deal.

10. Mara Purnhagen, author of the young adult novel Tagged (Harlequin Teen)

“I trusted the Guide to Literary Agents to provide solid, up-to-date information to help me with the process. I now have a wonderful agent [Tina Wexler of ICM] and a four-book deal.”

11. Richard Harvell, author of the mainstream fiction novel The Bells (Crown)

Guide to Literary Agents contains a wealth of information and good advice, and was crucial in my successful search for an agent. I found a great agent [Daniel Lazar of Writers House] and my book has now sold in 11 territories and counting.”

12. Patrick Lee, The Breach (Harper)

“The Guide to Literary Agents has all the info you need for narrowing down a list of agencies to query.”


13. Karen Dionne, author of the thrillers Freezing Point and Boiling Point (Jove)

“I’m smiling as I type this, because I actually got my agent via the Guide to Literary Agents. I certainly never dreamed that I’d tell my [success] story in the same publication!”

14. Heather Newton, author of the literary fiction novel Under the Mercy Trees (Harper Paperbacks)

“I’d definitely be interested in guest posting—especially since I found my literary agent through the Guide to Literary Agents!”

15. Michael Wiley, author of the crime/noir novels The Last Striptease and The Bad Kitty Lounge (Minotaur)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was very useful to me when I was getting started. I always recommend GLA to writers.”



16. Les Edgerton, Hooked and 9 more books

“Just signed with literary agent Chip MacGregor and I came upon him through the Guide to Literary Agents. If not for GLA, I’d probably still be looking.”

17. Jennifer Cervantes, author of the book for kids, Tortilla Sun (Chronicle)

“Within 10 days of initial submission, I found an energetic and amazing agent—and it’s all thanks to GLA.”

18. Carson Morton, author of the literary novel Stealing Mona Lisa (St. Martin’s / Minotaur)

“I wanted to thank you for the Guide to Literary Agents. After contacting 16 literary agencies, number 17 requested the full manuscript of my historical novel. Within a few weeks, they offered to represent me. Hard work, perseverance, and good, solid, accurate information makes all the difference. Thanks again.”


19. Darien Gee, author of Friendship Bread: A Novel (April 2011; Ballantine Books)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was an indispensable tool for me when I was querying agents. I highly recommend it for any aspiring author—in addition to a comprehensive listing of literary agents, it contains valuable information about the query and submission process.”

20. Stephanie Barden, author of the middle grade novel Cinderella Smith (April 2011; HarperCollins)

“When I felt my middle grade chapter book was finally ready for eyes other than mine to see it, I got some terrific advice: Go buy the Guide to Literary Agents. By the time I was through with it, it looked like it had gone to battle – it was battered and dog eared and highlighted and Post-It Noted. But it was victorious; I had an agent. Huge thanks, GLA – I couldn’t have done it without you!”

21. Lexi George, author of the paranormal romance Demon Hunting in Dixie (April 2011; Brava)

“I positively haunted GLA on the road to publication. The Guide to Literary Agents is an invaluable resource for writers, whether you’re published or unpublished.”




22. Bill Peschel, author of the nonfiction book Writers Gone Wild: The Feuds, Frolics, and Follies of Literature’s Great Adventurers, Drunkards, Lovers, Iconoclasts, and Misanthropes (Perigee)

“The Guide to Literary Agents gave me everything I needed to sell Writers Gone Wild. It was the personal assistant who found me the right agents to pitch, the publicist who suggested conferences to attend, and the trusted adviser who helped me negotiate the path to publication.”

23. Laura Griffin, author of Unforgivable and eight other romantic suspense novels.

“Writing the book is only the first step. Then it’s time to find a home for it. The Guide to Literary Agents is filled with practical advice about how to contact literary agents who can help you market your work.”

24. Derek Taylor Kent (a.k.a. Derek the Ghost), author of the novel for kids, Scary School

“The Guide to Literary Agents was absolutely instrumental to my getting an agent and subsequent three-book deal with HarperCollins.”





25. Tamora Pierce, best-selling author of dozens of novels for teens

“The best guide to literary agents is the Guide to Literary Agents, published by Writer’s Market Books … These listings will tell you the names and addresses of the agencies; if an agency is made up of more than one agent, they will list the different agents and what kinds of book they represent; they will include whether or not the agent will accept simultaneous submissions (submitting a manuscript to more agent than one).”

26. Wade Rouse, author of many books, including It’s All Relative: Two Families, Three Dogs, 34 Holidays, and 50 Boxes of Wine (A Memoir)

“And when you think you’re done writing your book? Write some more. And when you think you’re finished? Set it aside for a while, go back, redraft, edit, rewrite and redraft … Then pick up the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents.”

27. Brent Hartinger, author of several novels, including Geography Club

“Get an agent. Having a reputable agent means you will be taken much more seriously by busy editors who are eager to find any reason to reject your book (and if you’re agented, editors will offer you more money, more than canceling out the cost of the agent’s commission!). There are hundreds of good agents out there, with all kinds of different tastes (check The Guide to Literary Agents for a complete list).”




28. Jessica Brody, author of several novels (women’s fiction, YA), including The Karma Club

“To put it in perspective: It took me two years to finally find an agent to represent The Fidelity Files [my first novel] and once I did, she sold the manuscript in 10 days. That’s the difference an agent makes. I would recommend purchasing a membership for an online agent directory like WritersMarket.com. You can also use an agent directory in book form like the Guide to Literary Agents.”

29. Dianna Dorisi Winget, author of the middle grade novel A Smidgen of Sky (Harcourt, 2012)

Guide to Literary Agents is simply the best writing reference book out there. I don’t think I would have landed an agent without it.”

30. Adam Brownlee, author of Building a Small Business That Warren Buffett Would Love (John Wiley and Sons, 2012)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was invaluable for me in many ways. Specifically, the sections on ‘Write a Killer Query Letter’ and ‘Nonfiction Book Proposals’ enabled me to put together a package that led to the publication of my book.”


  tests  Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.31.38 AM


31. Carole Brody Fleet, author of the self-help book Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond!) the Grief of Widowhood (Viva Editions)

“I am not overstating it when I say that Guide to Literary Agents was absolutely instrumental in my landing an agent. Moreover, I wound up with numerous agents from which to choose—how often does THAT happen to an unknown and unpublished author? Thank you again for this book. It not only changed my life forever, but it led to our being able to serve the widowed community around the world.”

32. Guinevere Durham, author of Teaching Test-Taking Skills: Proven Techniques to Boost Your Student’s Scores (R&L Education).

“I was looking for an agent for my book. I had been trying for 7 years to find a publisher. I have enough rejection letters to wallpaper my office. Finally, I researched the Guide to Literary Agents. Three months later I had a contract with Rowman & Littlefield Educational Publishers. My agency is Educational Design Services, Inc.”

33. Kelly Fiore, author of the young adult debut Taste Test (2013, Walker Books for Young Readers)

“There are many web resources for writers – resources about agents, about editors, about craft, and so on. What I love most about the Guide to Literary Agents is that it’s a comprehensive resource – a place to go for information that spans more than just one topic and that covers everything that today’s writers need to know.”

34. Terri Lynn Merritts, writer

“I love the Guide to Literary Agents. I am admin of the Vegetarian page (over 239,000 members) at facebook.com/vegetarianpage and I used the GLA to find a literary agent to represent the vegan cookbook I am working on. The very first agent I approached loved it and now we are working together. The articles in the Guide to Literary Agents showed me how to research the perfect agent and approach her. The listings gave me all the information I needed to find that perfect agent on my very first try. I owe all of this to the help I got from the Guide To Literary Agents and the priceless information it contains. This book really works for writers who need and want to find an agent.”

35. Chana Stiefel, writer

“I am a huge fan of the Guide to Literary Agents. I queried agents for a new humor book and just signed with Laurie Fox at Linda Chester and Associates.”

36. Lindsay Cummings, author of The Murder Complex (HarperCollins, 2014) and The Balance Keepers (HarperCollins, 2014)

“”I got my agent, Louise Fury of Bent Literary, by using the Guide to Literary Agents.”

37. Lee Kelly, author of The Manhattan Savages (Simon & Schuster, 2014)

“The Guide to Literary Agents has been on my nightstand for years and I swear by it.  GLA is an invaluable guide to navigating the publishing world. I used GLA on my road to finding my agent, Adrianna Ranta of Wolf Literary, and would recommend it to any writer at the beginning of her own journey.”

38. Annie England Noblin, writer of GILLIOZ: THEATRE BEAUTIFUL

“Anytime anyone asks me where to find a list of agents, I always direct them to the Guide to Literary Agents. It has been an invaluable resource. Thank you so much.”

39. Nicole Steinhaus, writer

“Let’s just say this: when I first jumped into the query process, I was clueless. I bought the Guide to Literary Agents, and scoured for hours through the pages. Two weeks after sending [agent Bree Ogden of D4EO Literary] my full manuscript, I received an email saying she wanted to offer representation.”

40. John A. (Buddy) Howard, writer

“As a first time author, I found the Guide to Literary Agents invaluable, particularly with the ability to screen for agents and publishers by area of specialty. I signed with Whimsy Literary Agency. Getting an agent would not have been possible without your invaluable website, book and support. Keep up your great work and thanks for your past and ongoing help to me and so many other authors out there.”


noelle-sterne-trust-your-life 9781450459075_p0_v1_s260x420 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.37.19 AM

41. Frank Giampaolo, author of multiple nonfiction sports guides, including CHAMPIONSHIP TENNIS

“I followed the formatting and submitting advice given by Chuck and the Guide to Literary Agents. Within a month I was signed to the Quicksilver Books Literary Agency. My agent, Bob Silverstein, negotiated a wonderful publishing deal for me. My second book, Championship Tennis, is scheduled for release worldwide with hard copies, e-books and phone apps in April 2013. The Guide to Literary Agents is a must have resource!”

42. Emily Saso, writer

“Chuck’s is the reason I landed my thoughtful, supportive agent, Linda Epstein of The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency. I didn’t just discover Linda through the Guide to Literary Agents, his blog also taught me how to write a quality query that would catch her eye. Thanks, Chuck! Keep up the great work!”

43. Tim Bullard, author of the nonfiction book Haunted Watauga County (History Press of Charleston, 2011)

“Buying the Guide to Literary Agents paid off last year with publication of my book. Fighting the urge to quit and admit total failure, I pressed on until all the advice I had received through your books stuck. Now I am about to publish my second book. God bless you!”


“Your Guide to Literary Agents and the features from authors on the often-hard lessons learned from the dream of publishing have helped me immensely to keep my feet on the ground, butt in the chair, and fingers on the keyboard. Thank you, Chuck, for taking all the time and effort and for caring!”

THE GIVEAWAY!!! Comment on this post and just say anything nice about any element of Writer’s Digest you enjoy — from a blog post to a class or a book or anything else. In two weeks (Sept. 25, 2013), I will pick 3 winners randomly to win a copy of the book! It’s that easy.   (UPDATE: cvanderpool, Jenxian and Justin Z. won.)  



Buy the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents here!







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297 Responses to The 2014 Guide to Literary Agents is Out! Here are 44 Reasons to Buy It (and a Giveaway Contest!)

  1. Trave Heath Lien says:

    I think I’m the only one still posting. LOL. Let’s see let’s see. What haven’t I mentioned? Awesome magazine. Check. Great Advice. Check. Interesting and interactive blogs? Yes. I’ve written about that. Up to date information about Writers, Agents, and Editors? Check. Fantastic and useful writing articles about every genre under the sun? That too. Tutorials that really give you a professional classroom feel? No, I don’t think I’ve written on that yet! I really like the video samples given by Writer’s Digest. It really makes it tempting to get the premium for Writer’s Digest just so I can see all the really cool tutorials advertised and to finish the samples given!

  2. Trave Heath Lien says:

    I really hope my stubbornness pays off. So I told my stepmom today over the phone I’m just going to buy the yearly subscription because each months when it comes out at my work I picked it up, get all jittery about all the cool things in it and then buy it anyways. It will save me money just to buy the yearly subscription. The problem is that then I’ll be waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail each month instead of simply buying it the moment I see it. That’s how awesome Writer’s Digest Magazine is.

  3. Cathy Hi says:

    What are the rules for submitting multiple queries and for submitting parts of a novel for publication as a short story?

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      Is this a completed Manuscript? If so then I would think it wouldn’t be a good idea to send out pieces of it. As for submitting multiple queries, I read in an article that it’s really not a good idea to send multiples to the same agent unless asked. If your talking about sending it to lots of agents I would discourage that. Your supposed to be researching your agent. If you find more than one then at least see if the agent contacts you within a certain amount of time. THEN if a rejection comes back send it to someone else after you’ve relooked at you manuscript and considered the rejections advise.

  4. Sunsette says:

    I love the Writer’s Digest newsletter along with all of the invaluable articles and resources that come along with it. I also really enjoy the writing prompts. They help keep my pen moving & inspire new ideas for my writing.

  5. kstjshin says:

    Writer’s Digest has helped me out so much this past year. I don’t have the money to buy it so I keep borrowing a bunch of different Writer’s Digest books from my library. Luckily they have all the 2013 guides. It’s helped me find magazines for my short stories, formats for novel manuscript and my short stories, agents for my manuscript…Everything! I don’t know how I could have managed without the site and the books. HUGE lifesaver!

  6. Pat Harris says:

    Writer’s Digest magazine is a treasure trove of writing nuggets. I save every magazine I buy. The magazine teaches writing skills in succinct articles that others take an entire book to teach. I have learned much from Writers Digest over the years I’ve been purchasing their magazines and books. I also save many of the blog and website articles. Thanks, WD. You’re the greatest.

  7. Never in the realm of writing was so much owed by so many to so few. What an amazing resource for aspiring writers.

  8. Writer’s Digest makes me feel like I can actually succeed as a writer and gives me great advice in order to do so.

  9. P.I. Barrington says:

    I love the GLA listings of new agents seeking authors!! When I worked in entertainment there was The Hollywood Reporter Blue Book that everyone used! The 2014 is the literary equivalent!

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      This Hollywood Reporter Blue Book sounds pretty cool. Was it geared towards how to work or write better specifically in the entertainment industry? Gee, I sure hope this contest isn’t being done statistically. That would mean if there’s 294 postings and I’ve done about 20 then I only have something along the lines of a 1/40 chance of winning.

  10. vital989 says:

    Hey, everyone!

    I’m just starting my journey through space and time for becoming a sci-fi writer. Right now i’m searching for writing contests and other posibilities, I never encountered with “Guide for literary agents” before, but it sure seems like a hell of resource! Would love to dig in it for information!


  11. azpurplehugs says:

    Currently I am exploring and absorbing all I am able, on a limited fixed income. I love the many articles for people like me; greenhorns – a complete novice to writing. My Genre is Devotions and Bible studies which appears to be more limited. I always enjoy articles and info on breaking into the field. Language and Grammar tips along with exercises are most valuable. I would love to win the 2014 Guide – it just might open up a whole new world for this gal.

  12. Denise33 says:

    I love the 2014 Novel & Short Storey Writer’s Market! A copy of the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents would be a great companion!! I find the Writer’s Market books a must have resource for any writer.

  13. Denise33 says:

    I love the 2014 Novel & Short Storey Writer’s Market! A copy of the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents would be a great companion!!

  14. peccavi says:

    A lot of the reasons have already been stated, but besides the New Agents Spotlight, I really love how accessible Writer’s Digest is. There are always articles that are encouraging, in list-format (because who doesn’t love the simplicity of that?), and fun to read. Writer’s Digest is a great stepping stone!

  15. superman1224 says:

    I love the articles on the new agents. They’re very informative about all the agents that are profiled and how to submit queries to them, and I’m looking for an agent right now, so these are articles are extremely useful.

  16. Doropatent says:

    What a great resource! It can be especially handy for those of us who live ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and don’t know people who are in the know!

  17. Doropatent says:

    What a great resource for writers, especially those of us who live way “out there” somewhere and who aren’t savvy within the system!! Thanks for putting this together!

  18. shannon says:

    I just signed up for email updates from WD and they are really helpful. Packed with practical info, encouragement, and much-needed reminders that I am not alone in this writing endeavor! Thank you so much.

  19. shar_lee1 says:

    I am super excited about the Writer’s Digest West Conference this weekend. As a new author, just preparing for the “pitch slam” and using many, many tools provided by Writer’s Digest has been a great learning experience. Hope to see you at the Conference.

  20. I love the Guide to Literary Agents. So much info there. I’m often overwhelmed by the thought of how much research I need to do, and the guide makes it easier to jump in. Also can’t wait for the Writers Digest Conference West this weekend!

  21. aeckles says:

    Guide To Literary Agents is very helpful, I can’t wait to sift through the new 2014 edition!

  22. Rachel29m says:

    I look forward to the blog posts that feature how writers got published. Everyone has different experiences which lets us know that there is no cookie cutter process to being published. Very inspiring.

  23. bookman10 says:

    Well, as a novel I have to say the author has a lot to learn and would learn a lot if they went to http://www.writersdigest.com and looked for tips.
    There are points of continuity, but a lot of it does not flow together at all. I’m not sure the author ever knew where all the characters were going. And speaking of characters, I have never seen so many characters mentioned in one book. I don’t know how the author came up with so many names and unusual ones at that.
    This book could have stood some editing and help with the plot, but I have to give the author kudos for hanging in there and the determination to publish regardless. Maybe I will steal some names for my next book.

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      September 25th seems to have been a very busy day for postings. Anyways… I just wanted to tell Bookman10 that he has a pretty cool name. There was this series I read once where the Bookmen were observers of history, but this one kid training to be a Bookman ended up being attacked to a group of friends. He found his heart. It was pretty interesting.

  24. squidtender says:

    God knows I need all the help I can get . . . WD and the GLA are always next to me, keeping my nose to the grindstone.

  25. leemiyoung says:

    What I love about Writer’s Digest is that it provides me with countless tips and resources that have helped shape me into a much better writer. Every single blog post I’ve come across has been interesting and insightful! The website is lot of fun and a great resource for writers.

  26. summontherats says:

    I have to choose one favorite thing? The whole Guide to Literary Agents is wonderful. It made it incredibly easy for me to put together a list of agents, research them, and query them.

    But my favorite part is still probably the front part of the book–the guides to writing queries, the tips from agents and authors, and the sections that actually tell you how to query, how to research agents, and… well, everything else. The 2008 Guide to Literary Agents was probably my first real exposure to the “how to query agents” process.

    But outside of the actual book, I really love the bi-weekly newsletter. And the lists of new agents!

  27. bendwriter says:

    I have high hopes for this book!

  28. Honus says:

    I am a new member–joined as part of going to WD Conf in LA this weekend. My “comment” is I hope you didn’t mean to say you would only give away the book to those who said something favorable about your blog or about WD. First, that would be unfair. (Yes, I know, life is unfair. But a giveaway is close to a lottery and a lottery legally is supposed to be random. I do think there are some questions of legality here.) Second, are you afraid to hear negative comments? That doesn’t say much about WD and isn’t a good way to run a railroad, if you will.

    I will assume you really are going to be random about it and the reference to “nice comments” was meant as a joke.

    Thanks, and I look forward to being a part of the WD community.

  29. ccurrie125 says:

    I was trying to wrack my brain and figure out what I like MOST about Writer’s Digest, and I guess the thing that has made me appreciate it the most is it’s diversity. WD really is the platform for any writer of any genre at any stage of the game to get jazzed, get informed, and “meet” key people.

    A very long time ago, I read a recommendation that Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote to aspiring authors. She recommended that they subscribe to Writer’s Digest, and maintain that subscription, for their entire professional career. She couldn’t say enough about it’s value. She’s what turned me on to Writer’s Digest, and I can only assume that they’ve gotten better at what they do over the years.

    Thank you for putting together such an amazing platform, it’s tremendously helpful.

  30. Trave Heath Lien says:

    Hello peoples! This is the third? week of the competition. And this is my 20th or so post. Writer’s Digest has a variety of wonderful, useful things about writing digest. One of the many things Is simply it’s tips. Here there everywhere. All useful and constructive for writers.

  31. TecklaSatterlee says:

    Looks like a good book :) This is what I love about Writer’s Digest–they provide excellent advice for we new and inexperienced writers. Hopefully the things I learn from them will help me find and agent and get published.

  32. Allard92 says:

    I find the articles here very interesting and informative. My Favorite is How I Got My Agent Columns. Writer’s Digest is my go to website for advice on writing.

  33. Trave Heath Lien says:

    Yes, yes, I have more. I just explored the job opportunities Writer’s Digest talks about in some of it’s little niches and I have to say a lot of them sound fun and interesting. I didn’t even know what a copywriter was until I stumbled upon it in this website! Thank you Writer’s Digest.

  34. MartaS says:

    The Guide to Literary Agents is a bible for any writer and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! (Hopefully by winning it because the one thing I like more than reading is a victory…)

  35. TracyDJB says:

    As a new writer, I really appreciate the constant, helpful information in the blog. I learn tips and ideas each time I read a new post. Thanks Writers Digest!

  36. nlov says:

    The Writer’s Digest helps me hold on to hope that I can be a “writer,” that’s what I enjoy about this site.

  37. Heart2Heart says:

    I love the magazine and the market guide, as well as the website. I would love to have the latest Guide to Literary Agents!

  38. Trave Heath Lien says:

    What can I say? After a few weeks of reviewing and commenting on this book information I still have more positive things about Writer’s Digest to go on about. I’m sure your pretty sick of seeing my name but hopefully that means you pick me just to shut me up. Writer’s Digest sends tons of emails every single day to my account and I have a lot of fun picking through and seeing what best fits my priority and interests. I never feel left out with Writer’s Digest.

  39. Debbie says:

    I am finally taking the serious path towards my writing journey and any valuable resource would be so appreciated to help achieve my goal. Thank you very much.

  40. jessxhart says:

    I really enjoy the Creative Writing Prompts. It’s such a great way to spark a new idea or take a break from the monotony by typing out a quick storyline that delves into genres I hadn’t previously written in.

  41. Trave Heath Lien says:

    The Guide to Literary Agents would really help me on my way to working through first novel jitters. Writer’s Digest Magazine just came out with it’s newest special workshop project and I’ve been working though all of the exercises. Highly recommended!

  42. jml045 says:

    I like receiving WD emails to see if any of the information provided might help me with my writing projects.

  43. Kaye Munroe says:

    Years ago, Writers Digest helped me write and publish numerous short nonfiction pieces. Recently I completed my first novel-length fiction, and I couldn’t have done it without the small library of books published by Writers Digest. The final revision is almost complete, so I’m ready to move on the next step: finding a reputable agent. I have no doubt this guide would be as helpful to me as other publications from Writers Digest have been in the past.

  44. AuthZH says:

    I love the GLA so much. Also, the writing advice (online and in the magazine) is so helpful!

  45. steven792 says:

    I value the information and posts I receive, they all assist in becoming a better writer.

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  56. bufordjunior says:

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  57. Trave Heath Lien says:

    I’ve written a comment each and every single day saying something different about Writer’s Digest that is good and interesting since the beginning of this random comment choice. I have not, however, mentioned the great opportunities offered by writers digest. They give us the ability to see if we have what it takes, competitions so have the ability to improve our resume to agents if we will, the ability to interact with other writers. That, in itself, makes it worth diving into Writer’s Digest.

  58. pulcetta says:

    I read the editor blogs avidly, even when the topic is not directly relevant to my writing, because I always learn something. I have saved a good number of them for future reference.
    Thank you so much for providing interesting, useful and lively written content.

  59. FlowersEsq says:

    I love WD tweets! Seeing WD posts show up on my twitter feed daily keep me motivated to continue writing with the goal of one day making writing my “day job.” Every day WD offers new articles about how to keep on track and even how to balance writing with other responsibilities like juggling a full-time job and being a mother. Thanks, Writer’s Digest!

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    The greatest writing tips I learned have been from looking for advise geared towards my particular needs. Not sure how to go about writing a male voice? Writers Digest has an article for that. Your villains aren’t quite as diabolical as you’d like them to be? Try these steps by Writers Digest! It’s just so fantastic that no matter what problem I seem to have Writer’s Digest seems to have the solution.

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    I’m the Grandma Moses of the writing world! I’ve been writing since I was ten, with no one in particular paying much attention. My grown granddaughter has finally challenged me. Write with might, or quit and knit, she says. So at seventy-five years young and counting, I’ve made it my goal to start submitting. I read the on-line Writers Digest every day and am learning, learning, learning. The Literary Agents Guide will be an invaluable tool as I move forward with my own writing efforts, and will also be useful as I mentor others in my newly-formed writers group with praise and encouragement. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. fiojo1205 says:

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    Thank you!

  73. timidwriter says:

    I really enjoy the blog posts and regular emails I receive from WD because it reminds me every day that I’m a writer and I must not ignore my craft. I am encouraged to keep going and work through the difficult times.
    Thank you!

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  78. Smartlass says:

    It’s hard to think of something nice to say about Writer’s Digest that hasn’t already been covered by others so I’ll leave you with this haiku:

    Hey, Writers Digest
    Where Would I Be Without You?
    Not as Good, Trust Me

    P.S. I really would have no idea what I was doing if it weren’t for the guides!!

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    Books such as Guide to Literary Agents compile a wealth of information in one, easy-to-find location. Many of these sources are unknown to most writers and would take even the most dedicated searcher months to compile on his/her own.

  86. Trave Heath Lien says:

    Writer’s Digest’s tips, articles, contests and odd advice here and there have really helped me to be a better writer. I know that this book would too!

  87. keiramc says:

    The children’s books are not only suitable for children, but also for teens and adults. It helps them refresh their minds from what ‘morality’ really means.

  88. Delaren says:

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  89. brookline says:

    God bless Chuck!

    Whether I win a free guide or not, I’m going to get the guide. I’m writing a novel. I’m on the 4th draft. Once my novel is in good condition, I plan to start sending queries. Chuck’s guide will be perfect. It will save me a lot of time and help me direct my queries to the appropriate agents.

    Thank you, Chuck!

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  97. Trave Heath Lien says:

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  99. Hello Chuck,
    Thanks for the opportunity. I love the fact that Writer’s Digest takes the time to keep us writers in the loop. Both the weekly writing prompts and the blog posts are invaluable to improving one’s writings and provide an in-dept look into the publishing industry.

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      I have to agree. The Boot camp prompts are fun and entertaining. I wish there was a space for us to post our bootcamp pieces. It would be fun to compare and talk.

  100. Gryndyl says:

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  101. kristin_e_wolf says:

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  102. I keep coming back to Writer’s Digest, there seems to be no way around it, if only for a little comfort or inspiration along the narrow winding path towards publication …

  103. Patsy says:

    I’ll buy one even if I don’t get chosen randomly but I hope I do! The list of authors that got their agents through the guide is impressive. I need to finish my book first! I know everybody thinks this, but I think mine has real potential for publication if I can get someone to read it. Pretty stiff competition and so many options for publishing these days. I have my heart set on the traditional way, you know printed on paper by a publisher, sold in major book stores, etc. I’ve been working on this one book for about ten years but I do have about 30,000 words including the opening chapter (a real good hook), several in the middle and the ending. Wish me luck with both the book and winning the free copy.

  104. james.ticknor says:

    I love the How I Found My Literary Agent. Here’s to hoping I am that “random” winner!

  105. sedated014 says:

    I’ve been visiting Writer’s Digest for a few years now and this site always lights up my creative-writing passion. Can’t say I have a certain favorite on this site because I love every section there is in here and it never fails to answer every question I have in mind while I’m building up my novel (Yes, I’m on a novel right now. And it’s been years since I started that until I started working and had actually thought of quitting that novel since my country is not-so-focused on reading fancy things like that. Most of the readers here preferred shorter novels and short stories.) Here I met Sammantha Sotto, who’s also Filipino, and has published a novel equal to her inspiration for her first novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s just sad that book stores here only sell Reader’s Digest.
    Anyway, I’m hoping for the best for your site and keep up the good work in inspiring amateur creative writers =)

  106. muse_clio says:

    The 2014 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition was my first business-of-writing book. I’m not reading the words. I’m DEVOURING them. No doubt, The Guide to Literary Agents, salted liberally with insider tips from Chuck S., will be the next meal for my insatiable how-to-market-my-novel appetite.

  107. TheDoctor13 says:

    I’ve found a few books around here that look very interesting and I’m determined to find them all. I also didn’t know there was a Literary Guide to Agents either if it weren’t for Writer’s Digest. This site has so much information about writing I don’t even know where to start. I didn’t really think that I could dream of getting one of my stories published but after being here a short while I’m beginning to have that dream.

  108. littlekart says:

    WD and specifically this column have been the most efficient methods to educate myself and focus my publishing efforts. I have finished and self published my first novel and am learning by leaps and bounds through information here (reinforced elsewhere). It is easier to feel more in the loop when I don’t have the full time and resources to devote to researching and writing – could never have gotten this far without WD!

  109. CL says:

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  110. Ptodd34 says:

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    Plus, I like the 44 reasons to buy it. I mean, that is twice as much as 22 reasons and 15 more reasons than 29.
    But wait…there’s more…

  111. rampmg says:

    Writer’s Digest has provided much needed education and moral support over the past year or so. Writing is a new venture for me, and sometimes it can feel isolating. The blogs, the books, etc have taught me a great deal and provided encouragement. I just sold my first story this week (YEAH) and had a magazine article accepted. Not bad for a newbie.

  112. ann_lyons1289 says:

    Recently joined the writing world and can use all the help and advise I can get. A book with a list of agents would be a big help.

  113. stateofga says:

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  114. tracyline says:

    I so want to win this book! I love WD. I learn a great deal from the blog and website and I just recently conpleted an essay class at WD University with Gloria Kempton, it was fabulous and great fun! Working on my book now so winning the GLA book would be perfect!

  115. Zero67 says:

    This blog offers so many helpful, insightful articles and resources, and I am pleased to say that it has helped me through writing my first novel. I’m sure I will continue using this blog for any future novels that might sprout from my fingertips!

  116. stateofga says:

    So, I’d love to be the random commenter who gets a free copy of the Guide to Literary Agents. I’m pretty new to the writing world. I’m sure there are many people who write more eloquently, intelligently and concisely than I do (you see there, too many adverbs – that’s one thing I’ve learned from Writer’s Digst – oh yes, and the importance of editing too :). I love this site – and I’m not just saying that for the book, though it would be great to get the book since free is my favorite price and my husband would whole heartedly agree! He grins and bears it that I spend money on learning writing craft but have yet to actually make any money writing. I’ve learned a lot from this resource and it’s really interesting to get so many insights to help guide my writing. Thanks WD and let me know if you need my address to send that free book to : )

  117. AdrienneDenaro says:

    Reason #45: The Tool for the Unknown Author. When Adrienne Denaro was a lonely (or lowly?) corporate copywriter, little did others know that lurking beneath the surface was a voracious novelist with not the slightest idea on how to unleash the beast within. That is until she cracked open the cover of the “2014 Guide to Literary Agents” (of which fate bestowed free of charge) – and the writing world was never the same again.

  118. Prazingwoman says:

    I am so thankful for Writers Digest. It is a wealth and pillar of support for writers. There is no other place to find such a smorgasbord of resources that speak to the needs of writers. “Thank you, Writers Digest! You are the writer’s right hand!”

  119. jdrhawkins says:

    I find your blogs, and the boot camps, very helpful and insightful. With each copy of Writers Digest, I learn something new. I can’t wait to receive my next issue!

  120. Samten Wangmo says:

    Where do I even begin?? I am so impressed with Writer’s Digest. I love being on their email list. I have found so much useful info. thanks to W.D. Earlier this week I signed up for a free Webinair; the experience was not only wonderful, but there was new information that was extremely helpful to me. I was also very impressed with how easy registering for, and being a part of a Webinair was. Thank you W.D.

  121. tkflicek says:

    My favorite part about the Writer’s Digest magazine and website are the story ideas that derive from the useful information on the art of writing. I also enjoy reading the stories from the contest winners.

  122. kayjaykay says:

    I am already a published freelance writer but am shifting my focus toward fiction. Everything Writer’s Digest puts out – books, newsletters, blogposts – give me little boosts of encouragement for soldiering on. I especially love quotes from actual published authors and how diligent WD is about providing live links to their books. Hearing how they used WD’s Guides and seeing the proof of it is affirming!

  123. Carrielp says:

    I love the WD emails that I get each week. I always feel inspired and energized after I read through a few articles. Thanks for the great content!

  124. mickirenee says:

    The testimonials of the importance of the Guide to Literary Agents convinced me that I need it. I find Writer’s Digest to be a great resource of information, instruction and inspiration.

  125. Harry M. says:

    Writer’s Digest makes some of the most useful books available to writers today. I’ve purchased two editions of the Literary Agent Guides so far and I’d love to have the most up to date version while I’m querying my second novel.

  126. Nathaniel says:

    Writers digest, finally a site to accompany the most imaginative minds in the world. Smiley face.

  127. JAMESRAQUEL says:

    I MUST have a copy!!! Must, Must, Must! It is my Bible! This site is full of resources, downloads, contests, a wealth of information and valuable stuff for any serious writer. Thanks WD!

  128. jmylea1 says:

    Writer’s Digest, as usual, has the information I need readily available. Our relationship began years ago and is still going strong.

  129. Rogette1980 says:

    Writers Digest has been commonplace for me as a freelance writer. It has been extremely helpful me, particularly as I embark on my first novel. The advice I receive has been invaluable.

  130. kevin@kevincrouchwrites.com says:

    My wife, Tanja, and I used the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents for querying my first novel. She bought it on Kindle, which made the querying process easier because you could click on the sites for various agents and read up-to-date information about who there are and what they are looking for. We’ve just been querying the past month and have received several requests for first 3 chapters or first 50 pages and multiple requests for the complete manuscript.

    Thank you, Chuck, for your part of the process. Also, some of the agents who requested more material were previously interviewed by you. It was very helpful to read their interviews prior to querying.

    Can we have the new guide? My wife will be querying her book in the next couple of months. Honestly, it is well-worth the purchase price!

  131. jaredbernard says:

    Comment comment comment, comment-comment-comment. Comment comment. Comment? I need an agent to work with me like I need a mandible to chew.

  132. Kieloch says:

    I have always enjoyed Writer’s Digest and the website too. I have a memoir that I love to find an agent to look at. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  133. Julie Chittenden says:

    This book is really an exceptional resource! I considered possible actions that might force the judges to pick me to win a copy. I thought I could hold my breath until my face turned blue. But I’m on the computer. No one will see that. I could latch on to the judge’s leg, like I did to my dad when I was younger. But again. Computer. That whole ‘not in person’ thing is very annoying. I thought about things I could do on the web… but the internet is forever. And I have my pride!! (Not much of it, but still.) Either way, whether I win a copy or not, it will definitely be sitting on my bookshelf at some point. But being a student, it may be a while, but where there’s a will and all of that. Good luck to everyone!

  134. JRiley says:

    While it hasn’t worked out for me yet, the information I get from WritersDigest is usually entertaining, often helpful, and sometimes insightful. Can’t wait to get a hold of copy of the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents and search it from cover to cover as I did the last one, to try to find the right agent for me.

  135. vbrunskill says:

    WINNER..well at least I hope so! Writer’s Digest rocks my world and my writing!

  136. jenileigh1111 says:

    I love this site…so much information all in one place! Who could ask for more?

  137. Steve Auger says:

    I absolutely love the WD website!!! I have found a plethora of useful tips and articles. Not to mention some very helpful books I’ve purchased from the WD Shop too.

  138. JackieW says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the articles that WD provides. I also like the emails with article topics so I don’t miss any good ones! I’m in need of a agent and would love to have a copy of the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents!

  139. beanshank says:

    I always love reading and rereading the magazines. It has the best articles about writing, both in depth and breadth. I wish they came out more.

  140. I live in Wales in the United Kingdom. I love that I can interact with fellow writers’ from around the world using this website.

  141. veejay3 says:

    I’ve learned a great deal about the craft of writing from the Writer’s Digest Elements of Fiction book series and I own several books in the series. I subscribed to the print magazine for years and the website is the first place I go to for industry and craft information.

  142. I have been subscribed to Writers Digest’s email list for almost 10 years! The articles you all post have proved to be a valuable resource to me. Thanks!

  143. samcarter46 says:

    I love reading all the articles in Writer’s Digest and using the writing prompts on this site too. Would love to win a free copy!

  144. jeannelinley says:

    I bought my first copy of Writers Digest over a decade ago and it has been a source of delight for me. I have consistently written short stories and little poems with a few children’s stories over the years, just as my hobby. I simply like to write and have never experienced “writer’s block”. I am also an artist and illustrate my children’s stories, although I’ve never been published. I began writing my memoir last year because I am now eighty-five and have had a pretty unique life, laughing my way into the twenty-first century! This blog is helping me tremendously to realize I could be published one day!
    Jeanne Linley Harding

  145. klehning says:

    I CAN comment on this post but I CANNOT comment on the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents because I don’t own a copy. At least not yet! When I WIN my FREE copy and have been guided into literary bliss, the accolades will come pouring in…#goteamkathylehning

  146. hotwriter says:

    I love Writers Digest and have been reading the magazine for years. A writer is lost without this magazine and I treasure its endless fountain of wisdom and guidance. My second novel is almost finished. If I need advice, I know just where to find it.

  147. #ConnieCockrell author of Recall and other novels.
    I’m a new author and Writer’s Digest has been a wealth of information on short story markets. I’ve taken a free webinar. The tips for authors have been spot on. I’m so glad I bought the book and joined Writer’s Digest on-line.

  148. hannearts says:

    I absolutely love Writers’ Market and can’t wait until my next copy arrives in my mail box (I recently ordered yet another one). It’s so helpful and has already enabled me so much easier research.

  149. bjhollace says:

    The Guide to Literary Agents is like one-stop shopping at its best. Thanks for all the effort that goes into compiling this information. It is priceless!

  150. bnsthrnxpt says:

    I have taken several courses and of course I bought last years Market. Not only is there practical help delivered in a fastidious and genuine way, but the writers who have participated in many of the offerings, myself included have successfully achieved publication.

  151. wilckjz says:

    Love your advice and your contests.

  152. lsteadly says:

    I love reading about the success stories of debut writers. They give me hope that one day I can join their ranks!

  153. JayBe says:

    What I love about Writer’s Digest is that no matter what level of an author you are there is something for you to learn. Life as an author is ever-changing. The Guide to Literary Agents, literary can be a game changer for any author. The research, how to approach, who to approach, what will turn them on/off your submissions. Many of my questions as an author are answered in the guide. Saves time, effort, and money.

  154. Pasternal says:

    One of my “must read” parts of every week.

  155. annemarielacy says:

    I begin each day checking Writers Digest for new posts to read as I drink my morning coffee. They give my ‘writer’s day” the boost I need to get started!

  156. The Literary Guide and Writer’s Digest are truly the writer’s bibles. I wear mine out and am forced to use mine longer than I should. Why, I’m a starving writer? This list of books is inspiring and gives me hope. Living off of dreams and Chef-Boyardee, trying to eat the bear before the bear eats me.

  157. Trave Heath Lien says:

    Looking over the authors who have read and reference this book is awe inspiring because many of them I’m big fans of. Here’s to loving the art of writing! Thanks Writer’s Digest!

  158. KHager says:

    I love the interviews and reading about the journeys the writers go on with their book.

  159. vdragon says:

    Writer’s Digest has been extremely helpful. There are many articles and blogs with free advice, as well as useful books and courses. I’m so happy I decided to join the site.

  160. TRJohnson says:

    What a fantastic early Christmas present that would be!

  161. I have been a fan of the great information you give on your blog for a long time. Keep up the great work! :)

  162. Athornia says:

    Writer’s Digest has the best resource guides for writers. I would love to win th 2014 Guide
    to Literary Agents.

  163. Artambrosia says:

    I love the “how to” articles about making your writing stand out. Also, the blogs about query letters were extremely helpful. I have a list of the agents you have spotlitghted that I think could work for me. I just have to finish fleshing out my book. It’s so exciting; I want to query now, but there’s still work to be done. Thanks to WD and GLA for all the help.

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I wrote my query letter and then threw my hands up in exasperation. I’m not even halfway done with my book. There’s no reason to write it. But it does help me focus on where I’m heading with my ideas when I do that so even that is useful.

  164. kunawriter says:

    I really enjoy all the tips for writers in the articles and blogs on the writers digest site! I am in the middle of an intense edit of my book, and I have looked to this site for both inspiration and sanity. :-) I would LOVE the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents.

  165. Sandgrounder says:

    It’s been a long time since I won anything, anywhere, and I’d give my eye-teeth to win a 2014 copy of GLA (easy for me to say, since I no longer have any eye-teeth to give!) I have learned a lot from Chuck Sambuchino’s writings–thank you Writers Digest.

  166. I always enjoy reading the featured interviews with authors in your magazine. Thank you for all the information you put together to support authors!

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      The best magazine so far I think is “Your Complete Guide to a Final Draft: Novel Writing.” It’s a little more expensive than their regular magazines, but by far the best this year.

  167. Sara_Mariah says:

    As a newbie still working on her first WIP, I love everything this site has to offer! Everything from the courses to the articles and giveaways to the competitions to the bookshop! I always do my best to take the advice given to heart. Some of it is a tough pill to swallow, but I take it anyway because I know I’ll be a better writer in the end. Thanks so much just for the opportunity to enter to win the 2014 guide. Hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones to win myself a copy!

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      I can definitely relate. The hardest pill to swallow, I think anyways, was the idea that I can’t just edit it myself and work on having someone else look at it after I have it accepted, ya know? The second was the idea that I can’t stress over every sentence until I at least have the rough draft of the entire book. Then when I revise I can worry about all that stuff.

  168. Whenever I have a question about writing, the first place to look for an answer is Writer’s Digest. The Guide to Literary Agents is exactly what I need.

  169. Tien Taylor says:

    I’m inspired by the journey of these writers that have successfully reached their goals with the help of this book. I would also like to have the opportunity to to reach my own writing goals as well.

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      You know… it would be pretty cool to read a book about writers themselves. What’s the difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t? I’d bet if you interviewed enough people you’d have a lot of interesting statistics to look at.

  170. RF Respaty says:

    Sounds like an interesting book! I’m from Indonesia and here in Indonesia, writers usually don’t use literary agent to publish their books, but for me, i think this book will help me to learn a lot about publishing books abroad, just like i’m dreaming of ^^

  171. Trave Heath Lien says:

    Positive? How about the fact that I work at Booksamillion and each month I pick up the magazine from Writer’s digest I get jitters of happiness. I can see my writing infinitely improve simply by reading the articles authors and agents send out as advise. I honestly can’t wait until I save up enough to take a class here!

  172. Darian says:

    Writers Digest was the first resource I went to when I started my writing journey, and it continues to be a valuable resource without fail. In every blog post, newsletter, and book, I always walk away with helpful information. It’s my go-to source for reliable, great help.

  173. AngelDana says:

    I enjoy Brian Klems’ The Writer’s Dig blog. His blog is very helpful and informative. It covers a wide range of subjects about writing.

  174. AngelDana says:

    I enjoy Brian Klems’ The Writer’s Dig because he covers a wide range of subjects about the business of writing. His blog is very helpful and informative.

  175. Sounds like an incredibly invaluable resource. Must have!

  176. wingtrl@aim.com says:

    Just found this website and I can already see it is an amazing resource. Can’t want to tap into it’s full potential.

  177. dlcocchio says:

    The thing I enjoy most about Writer’s Digest is Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog. I truly enjoy his tips and tricks and bookmark them for later. I especially look forward to reading about new agents on the scene and what they are looking for. It’s a much valued resource!

  178. I never walk away from an email, article or website visit without some useful gem – either for myself or one of my writer friends. Thank you for all you do.

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      Is it a lot of fun reading these with your friends? My best friend is a romance genre buff while I like Young Adult, Fantasy, so I’ve been having a hard time convincing her to look through all this stuff with me.

  179. cotidiano says:

    Writer Digest’s weekly newsletters serve as encouraging reminders for me to work on my novels, and last month, I read Jeff Gerke’s “The First 50 Pages,” which I absolutely adored. I highlighted my favorite tips as I read (which happened pretty much every page), and I plan to revisit his book every time I start a new project. In addition, I’m amazed at the low prices from the Writer’s Digest overstock sale–I got six highly-rated writing books for $30 with free shipping! Stay awesome, WD.

  180. kurtpatt says:

    I love the daily newsletters and tips from Writer’s Digest and I always update my Writer’s Market book every year to keep me in the loop

  181. PhotosByPflanz says:

    I am a “Newbie” writer that just finished my first (of many) children’s books. Winning this give-away would be a huge jump-start on my new career!

    P.S. This is an awesome website and that is not just me trying to butter you roll!

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      Nothing wrong with buttering rolls! Just the fact that you taking the time to comment here shows that you love Writer’s Digest. If you didn’t then what interest would you have in wanting the book?

  182. CatdaBrat says:

    Writer’s Digest books and articles have helped me tremendously with my writing career. And I love reading the blogs here, because they, too, are informative and entertaining. Thank you for all this inspiration and help.

  183. MrsStarusnak says:

    I absolutely love Writer’s Digest and would love a free copy of the Guide To Literary Agents. However, I will buy it if I need to…. Writer’s Digest has been an invaluable tool for me on my writing journey with so many great things that they have to offer!

  184. Charlie Kenmore says:

    O for 3 on queries with the 2013 Guide. Maybe 2014 Guide will be better.

  185. PA Brown says:

    This is a great! Really appreciate the advice from Writer’s Digest.

  186. LyndseyDavis says:

    I have many copies of the Writers Guide to Literary Agents. I have scoured them to learn what to send and more importantly what not to send.
    My first copy created massive disappointment. After reading every possible place to submit, I realized my writing was not ready for submission. The guidance and the submission guidelines, easy index to make my list from stayed my submission process until this year. I finally submitted my first story this year and received my first nibble within two days. Within the week, I had a contract offer.
    Thank you. Your book, as well as your articles, taught me to understand the process and requirements for submission.
    I frequently post links to your articles on SavvyAuthors.com or Scribophile.com, where I hang out, so others glean from your knowledge.
    Thanks again.

  187. lisa331 says:

    I follow everything you have put out – I get all the emails, have watched your interviews. Thank you for all of the support and help you give new writers!

  188. Hueffenhardt says:

    I love the Community Forum on Writer’s Digest and the free articles featuring writing tips. I would love a copy of the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents!

  189. Rose says:

    I was just eyeballing this book at the store yesterday! What weird timing!

  190. mare ball says:

    I’m fond of WD b/c I took their writing course in 1984 and learned so much. I enjoy the magazine as well – love the grammar grapplers. :-)

  191. brittb142 says:

    My 2014 Writer’s Market for novels is in the mail, as of today! Can’t wait to get it!

  192. b3sts3ll3r says:

    This is a fantastic resource that is really helping me on my journey to becoming an author!

  193. SammySammo says:

    The blog posts on all aspects of writing have been invaluable to me, particularly “Your Novel Blueprint.” It opened my eyes to the weaknesses in my work-in-progress.

  194. jaimiengle says:

    Thanks for offering the giveaway, Chuck! I think my two favorite things about the guide books are they are current and the articles are accessible. I like that I can read the book straight through or I can search by genre and even find contests and conferences to attend. The Guide to Literary Agents is a wonderful resource and a must in any writer’s library.

  195. guybusby says:

    Can’t wait to see the new issue.

  196. lisa331 says:

    I bought my 1st Writer’s Digest last spring and live by it. I get every email notice available. You have been such a terrific resource! I read/watch all of your interviews! Thank you for everything you to do support new writers! (yes, I broke all the rules about using too many exclamation points!)

  197. meyetteef says:

    Just ordered my 2014 Writer’s Market and I am currently reading Sell Your Book Like Wildfire!

  198. Tom Bentley says:

    Chuck, anything with your name on it has got to be good, so please send me all your report cards from your childhood.

  199. psydor says:

    I read writers digest all the time, and love their books. Just finished reading an old one on Characters and Viewpoint

  200. sdebear1 says:

    I’ve written a YA book with the help of your useful articles, and now I ready to query and have no clue where to start. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I do hope I win, but if not, I’ll definitely be purchasing this.

  201. drpeg2003 says:

    I’ve found past digests to be great helps. Looking forward to the new one!

  202. thoughtfulsunflower says:

    I have never owned a copy of Guide to Literary Agents, but I sure would LOVE to–nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;)!

  203. nicolebogacki says:

    My random comment in order to try to win the giveaway: I especially like the new books to which WD introduces me via guest posts by or highlighted quotations from authors I have not yet discovered.

  204. Laura says:

    I do not have any interest in vanity press publishing, primarily because I do not have thousands of dollars of loose change lying around to pay for it. Therefore, I need an agent. Therefore, I need the “Guide to Literary Agents”. Buying it would take food out of my starving artist mouth but getting a free copy would give me the chance to offer free copies of my own published works to the writing community via the Writer’s Digest website.

  205. liz.shepherdess says:

    I’ve only been reading writer’s digest for a few weeks and already I’ve ordered a book from you and plan on taking advantage of your picture book critique. Thanks for being around!

  206. Seana says:

    Great! Researching agents is my next big project.

  207. filmoyster says:

    I signed up for Writers Digest a few weeks ago and I have found it to be a well of writing inspiration. I normally delete newsletters, but I have found myself linking back to helpful articles from the Writer’s Digest emails to keep me going in my writing process.

  208. rhorsma@yahoo.com says:

    Tamora Pierce used the Guide to Literary Agents. I love her books read them all and I’m waiting on Battle Magic. Now If I could get my own books up on the shelves i’d be happy. Query Time!

  209. Michelle says:

    I especially love the helpful hints! Like: using dialogue, making your scary characters scary etc…..The one hint that I found to be profoundly important, “find time to write,” has escaped me to this point. I will try, I will try harder to make this one happen!!!

    • Trave Heath Lien says:

      Finding time to write is as simple as knowing the write places to do it. My life is very hectic so I make sure to either have my laptop or paper and pen with me wherever I go. There’s nothing like those moments in the waiting room where you get struck by an idea and you end up sketching out entire scenes on a few pieces of paper. It’s not always in front of the computer, where it’s most convenient for ideas to pop up, that they do. Sometimes even the wording you have on a random sheet of paper gets the creative juices flowing! So just remember that: It’s not about having the time, it’s about making the best use of your time.

  210. NickofTime says:

    Writer’s Digest is one of the greatest overall one-stop places from which to gather information and resources on almost all aspects of writing.

  211. estevens says:

    The Literary Agents Guide is essential to me. I live in a rural area in Canada, not far from the U.S. Border, so I can order books from the U.S. Writers Digest books are excellent, and similar ones are not available Canada. Don’t know what I would do with the website and the books. Thank you, thank you…

  212. EccentricKim says:

    The writing forum is one of my favorite parts of Writer’s Digest, as well as the literary agent blogs and contests. I first read WD at age 14 and hoped to get in one day and was very happy to be included in the September issue this year. I’m published through a small press and hope to get an agent with my next novel.

  213. taodog9 says:

    I love the Literary Guide!

  214. CattyQueen says:

    I enjoy the articles and blogs from WD and frequently pass them on or use them as inspiration to write my own articles.
    BTW–minor error in the first line “The book is out and available everywhere books or sold” should be “are sold.”

  215. Miguelito says:

    This blog, in general, not this one entry, is actually one of my favorite parts of writersdigest.com, and probably the one I read most consistently.
    I have a number of WD books, and they are quite helpful as well.

  216. ChristelAdina says:

    The GLA is so detailed! It’s nice to know precisely who to contact when it’s time for submissions.

  217. Myka Reede says:

    My favorite WD blog post this year was the interview of a dozen agents/editors answering how not to start your book. Not only was it hilarious, it was also insightful. Love to see more where a group answers the same hot question of the week/month.

  218. mollycarter says:

    I got my first guide last year and I love it!

  219. Amanda Helms says:

    Love the GLA, both for keeping an eye on new agents (planning to start querying this fall) and also the success stories for inspiration!

  220. Richard Stewart says:

    I rather enjoyed the class I took and the critiques I got on my picture book during class. Hopefully it works out as I pursue an agent/publisher!

  221. krisbrake says:

    You don’t have to convince me! Love this book!

  222. anitar@att.net says:

    The story of my life. I should write a book. No really. And I would call it Totally Random Thoughts
    I meet a guy in a horrible 8:00 a.m. class on my first day of college and end up married to him.
    I decide to try to get pregnant and try ONCE, and end up with a baby.
    Totally random
    You get the idea.
    But then if I did write the book, I’d end up trying to figure out what to do with it.
    I could put with the others I have written on a flash drive that I worry about losing.
    I could win a contest and get a free copy of Writers Digest.

  223. Ceci says:

    I love everything about Writers Digest, and enjoy reading about newly-published writers. It gives me inspiration. I would really love to win the book.


  224. Phiroozeh says:

    I have been using the GLA as my primary source for querying agents. LOVE having a detailed, concise source to rely on.

  225. hasmartz says:

    There were many articles on this site that helped me finish my NaNoWriMo novel last year. As soon as I finish slogging through the editing, I hope to be in need of an agent!

  226. hazelmay64 says:

    I have been enjoying the articles etc in Writer’s Digest magazine for 20 years at least. I have a stack of back issues in my office and refer to them periodically when looking for inspiration, guidance and encouragement to keep writing. My first draft of my second novel is almost finished. Thank you for all the hard work and helpful advice, Writer’s Digest!

  227. drginavet says:

    I like the emails that I receive telling me about the different blogs to read, the different articles available, and the contests that I can enter; they always keep me updated even when I don’t have a chance to log on the site.

  228. Rossetti001 says:

    As a new True Crime, Mafia writer, I was overwhelmed many times throughout my first draft of my novel. As I come to my conclusion of my final manuscript I look back on the many helpful tips and articles I received through Writer’s Digest. Without their essential tools, I would not have been able to achieve my goal – a complete manuscript ready for publishing. Many Thanks!

  229. Anne says:

    This article convinces me that when I’m ready to publish the guide to literary agents will be my first purchase!

  230. Rosi says:

    I find all the articles very helpful. I especially like the writing prompts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  231. HoggPen57 says:

    After the experience of getting my first book published, I definitely need an agent!

  232. jrpbooks says:

    I always read the blog posts and any articles that come my way. It has helped my writing so much. One day I will be a published novelist! Thanks for all the learning tools!

  233. Debbie157 says:

    “Random Comment.” – Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    One feature I LOVE in WD is “Reject a Hit.” I am still laughing about the one months ago that rejected Animal Farm.

    Strangely–I also like the monthly feature Poetic Asides! I was never a fan of poetry in school, but RL Brewer makes it easier to understand.

  234. Nicole Pyles says:

    I’m so excited about this contest! I have been a member of Writer’s Digest for the last 7 years and I love the work you guys do for writers! Keep it up! :)

  235. Aightball says:

    I’m preparing to query in the next few months…this would be invaluable!

  236. Slynnberg33 says:

    I just started my subscription to Writers Digest and already, it has done wonders for me. I’ve been submitting to agents for a few years now, but without any success. The latest issue is helping me figure out where I’ve gone wrong. As writers, we always need more information.

  237. Jeri Baird says:

    I’m querying now. This would make my life so much easier! Thanks for the offer.

  238. Jenxian says:

    I look forward to the emails that offer writing tips and help me craft a stronger story. The recent article citing Eva N. Carnate’s POV had me laughing and has lead to the revision of one particular character. While I’ve sent some queries in the past, I am looking forward to going through the 2014 Guide and getting my pitch out to more agents.

  239. willlyssa says:

    I love all these testimonials–they give me hope. I’ve loved my 2013 GLA book–it’s helped me narrow down agents and find out what they’re after–which makes life as a writer SO much easier!

  240. The articles on Writers Digest are so helpful! I run a blog and every couple of months, I’ll post some writer’s resources I’ve stumbled upon on my writing journey, and every time, there are multiple links from this site. I can’t help it! The articles here are so helpful and really motivate me to write.

  241. Liz says:

    It’s so encouraging to read these success stories. I am a first-time novelist who will soon be shopping my work around to find an agent — thank you for this invaluable resource!

  242. Teresa says:

    I’ve been using the Writer’s Digest Market Guides for over a decade because I used to write more for magazines, but have added the agent guide in the last year as I’d like to pursue the book market now. I wouldn’t keep getting the guides if I didn’t think they were useful (though the guides are not as funny as “Red Dog, Blue Dog”)! ;)

  243. jdavispost says:

    Mr. Sambuchino,

    I must say that you write a lot of articles and they’re always helpful. Thank you for your hard work and consistently sound advice.
    My GLA copy is a few years old and while still helpful…some of the information has been updated (which obviously isn’t being reflected in my old 2011 GLA — because well, that would be magic) and I could really use the new edition.
    I appreciate all the amazing information in the GLA and it’s been a saving grace for me.
    Hope to get the new edition.
    Thank you again!

  244. Jacquie says:

    I love reading your blogs, they are full of helpful tips that I have used in my efforts at writing my first ms, so thank-you very much. :)

  245. Casephios says:

    I have almost finished my first novel and the tips and advice from Writers digest has really made a difference ! I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve read something in WD, and gone back to my novel to make changes !

  246. Naomi Shank says:

    The writing advice and tips on becoming a published author are so informative and encouraging. The blogs and articles are a wonderful resource, and I bookmark them like crazy.

  247. jgambill21@aol.com says:

    Writer’s Digest has been a great resource to me throughout my writing life. It always seems to publish a feature or send an email with just the topic I need, just when I need it. Great stuff!

  248. chosn4one says:

    Great, invaluable advice as always!

  249. TammyZ says:

    I can’t think of any better way to go about finding a literary agent than by using the Guide to Literary Agents. Talk about a one-stop shopping experience!

  250. k21 says:

    I’ve enjoyed many of the articles I’ve read, but more than anything I love getting regular emails that motivate me to write!

  251. Great advice – some sobering, some inspirational, but all of it realistic. Thanks for the post, Chuck.

    I’ve been reading Writer’s Digest for years, and love the website. I need to engage more in the Community section, but the Resources are a must-stop for me every visit.

  252. danceswithhorses says:

    Writer’s Digest is a great source of inspiration for me. I always print the blog posts – I have a fat binder full of all the wisdom you guys have imparted! It’s my number one writing website and I visit it at least twice a day.

  253. MusingStar says:

    I am a random commenter! Hooray! I love the Agents Spotlight, I found it very helpful when researching agents to personalize my queries! :)

  254. I’m excited to use this guide to help me on my own journey towards publication!

  255. llavine says:

    LOVE Writer’s Market! I’d love to win the GLA giveaway! Keep up the good work!

  256. vrundell says:

    I’m a long time reader of the print and blogs of Writer’s Digest. So many insights, so much good advice. I can’t even start to name what’s best about it…
    But, I have managed to get my critique group members to get subscriptions! And, after reding so many of Chuck’s posts on platform, I’ve jumped into blogging

  257. mrajotte says:

    Every year, I used to ask for the Writer’s Market for Christmas, and I have kept every copy of my magazine subscription. I would love to add this to my bookshelf and use it to find an agent!

  258. cifuller says:

    Thanks to The Writer’s Digest, I sent my novel to a literary agent, for the first time ever, in May! Theirs is a trusted brand and a resource I return to again and again.

  259. kerrythek says:

    I am so excited to embark on this chapter in my life (pun intended!)! I love writing and reading for hours every day. I hope to continue my work as an educator now, not only through teaching students in a school setting, but through my writing. The butterflies in my stomach flutter about whenever I read through the Guide to Literary Agents (2013)… the flutter of possibility and hope! I’m revising three of my current pieces and hope to start querying in the next month! Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  260. shannamiles says:

    I’m so excited about learning more and really lining up my resources to query.

  261. cvanderpool says:

    The Literary Agents Guide is a great companion to the Writer’s Market. I find them both helpful–from the beginning of the writing process to the “submission” end. Lots of good info here.

  262. ROzbeans says:

    These pretzels are making me thirsty. Plus the book is incredibly handy.

  263. kaylum says:

    I have never used the GLA, but now that I have a few books in good shape, I know it would help me find the right agent for my work.

  264. emudebra says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy!

  265. NeedNewSpace says:

    The resources that are available to new and seasoned authors at Writer’s Digest are absolutely phenomenal! You guys are more help than I can ask for! Thanks for keeping me posted on all the important things!

  266. caleblang says:

    Writer’s Digest has been a huge resource for me. I have learned a lot from their mailing list and books.


  267. ClassicTrekker says:

    As I’ve begun my writing adventure with the first draft of my first novel, there are invaluable tips in the classes, and the site as a whole is a wonderful resource.

  268. burrowswrite says:

    Its so cool that all of these writers, some who I remember reading on the editors blog are in one place. Very interesting.

  269. Caycel says:

    The classes are awesome and writers digest has been an invaluable resource for me a I begin my journey with my first novel.

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