The Latest Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market Is Out — So Get Your Children’s Book Published

The 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is out and available in major bookstores! Although it’s a few months old, I’ve never done a proper announcement and giveaway, but, heck, it’s 2014 — a new year with grand possibilities. What better way to start than a giveaway contest? The CWIM a great resource guide for writers of picture books and novels for kids (young adult, middle grade) as well as illustrators.

The new 2014 edition of the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is updated and packed with info. Now in its 26th year, the newest edition still provides great market and submission/contact information for book publishers, art reps, international publishers, literary agents, contests, magazines, conferences and more. In addition to hundreds of markets for your kids book, this new edition has the following:

  • Interviews with acclaimed novelists such as Beth Revis (Across the Universe), R.L. Stine (Goosebumps), Marie Lu (Legend), and many more. Hear from the masters.
  • Spotlights of 11 debut authors who broke out. These authors are great examples to study, as you can see what they did right, what they wish they did years ago, how they got their literary agents, and more.
  • 19 new listed art reps for illustrators. We found 19 new reps to list in the 2014 edition, along with other reps. And if you’re an illustrator, check out the interview with illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi in the book!
  • “New Agent Spotlights” that pinpoint new/newer literary reps who are actively seeking submissions and clients NOW.
  • And much more.

Buy it here! (It is available wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble or on Amazon, but know that when you order any product from our Writer’s Digest shop, you get the same deep discount you find on Amazon.) Need more reasons to buy? How about 8 darn good testimonials below from these very cool people, many of which are bestsellers, and some of which have even had movies made out of their books.

THE GIVEAWAY!!! Comment on this post and just say anything nice about any element of Writer’s Digest you enjoy — from a blog post to a class or a book or anything else. In two weeks, I will pick 3 winners randomly to win a copy of the book! It’s that easy.



“Whenever anyone asks for publishing advice,
I tell them to grab the latest edition of Children’s
Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

JAY ASHER, author of the #1 New York
Times bestseller 13 Reasons Why

and The Future of Us


CWIM is a great resource for artists and writers
who are ready to share their talent with the world.”

MEG CABOT, author of multiple #1 New York Times
bestsellers, including the Princess Diaries series


CWIM is an invaluable resource for any aspiring
writer hoping to get published. It helped me a lot
and I recommend it to everyone.”

JAMES DASHNER, New York Times best-selling
author of The Maze Runner series, the first book of which
is soon to be a major motion picture.


Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is invaluable
for writers of children’s books. Chock-full of publishing
resources, it’s a must-have.”

BECCA FITZPATRICK, author of Hush-Hush
and Crescendo


“If you’re serious about writing or illustrating for
young people, the information, tools and insights
within the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market
will get you started on the right path.”

WENDY TOLIVER, author of Lifted


Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market has all the things
a new writer needs to know about the business, like who’s
who and how to submit to agents and publishers, but it also
has all the intangibles, like advice and encouragement.
Buy it for the information, keep it for the inspiration.”

bestselling author of Starcrossed.


“Chuck Sambuchino’s Children’s Writer’s and
Illustrator’s Market has all you need to
master the publishing process.”

JULIE CANTRELL, New York Times and
USA Today bestselling author of Into the Free


“In my pre-published days (and there were many), purchasing
and perusing the new edition of the Children’s Writer’s &
Illustrator’s Market
guide was such a hopeful time of year
for me.  I really got my optimistic juices flowing while reading
the articles and highlighting names of editors and agents.
You’re part of a great publication!”

CLARE VANDERPOOL author of the
young adult novel, NAVIGATING EARLY
(Delacorte, 2013)

Pick up the 2014 edition of CWIM here!


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94 thoughts on “The Latest Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market Is Out — So Get Your Children’s Book Published

  1. SSolomiany

    Writer’s Digest has become my writing bible. From the blog posts to the magazine to the conferences, it is by far my greatest source of motivation toward writing. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. andreadorn

    I look for the articles about agents, especially when you list what they are looking for in queries. I’m moving into a new genre (children’s books) so I feel like I’m starting all over again.


    I am fairly new to Writers Digest. I was able to check out the 2012 copy from the library. There was so much information in the 2012 copy that I can’t wait to read the new 2013.

  4. Kaylyn

    I appreciate your style of article writing. I never lose interest when reading your blog. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m always excited when I see articles related to children’s writing. The Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is a must-have for me.

  5. HannaAnna

    I love the resources here. I can read about new agents and get tips from authors about getting published. And since that’s what I’m trying to do, it’s extremely helpful and comforting to read what others who have made it are saying! And I really want this book!!

  6. Cruz

    When I feel like the images in my head refuse to crawl out of my fingers towards the blank screen in front of me, I visit to get recharged. There is always something in it’s pages that psychs me up to return to my blank screen and fill it. Thanks wd.

  7. mmstewart8

    The Children’s Writers and Illustrator’s Market guide is a fantastic resource! I love all of it, but especially appreciate the section on writing a synopsis. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to include, but this section gave me all the important info and how to format it. Thanks.

  8. weareallmadhere

    I’ve been addicted to the information crammed into the Writers Market books since before I knew they would rule my life, when I was working at a used bookstore. And now I’m a Publishing Graduate student and not only does the Children’s Writer’s Market give me hope for my own writing, but we used several of the Writer’s Digest Books in my classes. They are filled with the best information, presented in the easiest and cleanest manner that I have yet to find elsewhere. And they make my own writing seem so much better now that I actually can find what I’m doing wrong and correct it. As well as where to send my imagination baby off to once it’s full functioning as a piece of fiction. Thanks.

  9. Jackynoie

    I particularly like the various writing prompts. I actually created a box full of them so that whenever I feel the need to do some free writing, I reach in, give myself a time limit and go. Sometimes I really like what I compose, and other times I shred the evidence as fast as possible.

  10. Samina

    My favourite part of the website is that I am able to find out so many ways to improve my writing. For example how to find agents, 101 Best Websites for Writers, competitions I can enter to get my work published. This website is full of so many opportunities for upcoming writers. I am glad to be part of the community.

  11. naturalred78

    I love that WD showcases new agents. I love quite a few things WD does, but that would take a book to write it all down. Thanks for helping writers constantly improve.

  12. kathyellendavis

    This may sound silly, but I LOVE how big the book is.
    It just feels important in your hands, and there’s always something you can find that’s useful.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Debbie

    I’m learning to find myself. As I read Writer’s Digest, and its respective websites, I can see much more of my potential. I have joined some contests, tested myself with prompts, and enjoyed new genres. Without all of this, I might have assumed a singular ability. Any further resources would increase my chances for future growth and vision. Thank you for these opportunities.

  14. bonitianniti

    While I’m new to what WD has to offer, I truly believe it’s a great starting point as I begin to navigate my way through the writing world. They have advice and inspiration for writers of all levels! WD has definitely got me going, that’s for sure. Took the “Picture Book Craft Intensive” webinar and actually wrote a children’s story… Something that’s been bottled up inside for years!

  15. katiejwriter

    WD is the first guide I used when I became a professional FT writer in 2007 — and still use to this day. Inspired to write my first children’s book based on my kids and this guide will be a perfect fit!

  16. flute71

    Got a weird message when I posted this a second ago (“you are entering comments too fast. slow down.”) So I will try again! This past year was the first time I subscribed to Writers Digest, and I love it. The contributers ar great and the resource is invaluble. Thank you!

  17. ps45vs1

    I love Writer’s Digest CAIM because the book gives writers of all levels places to submit their work. This is especially helpful to new writers like myself looking to be published. CWIM also shows various genres in which to submit and excellant articles from published authors. This book is on my Christmas wish list as I graduate from college April ’13, and am actively looking for new avenues for my work 🙂

  18. stephsco

    This book looks like a great resource. I’m just now gathering info on agencies after polishing my query letter. I’ve been getting Writer’s Digest emails for awhile now and I always enjoy the spotlights on how authors found their literary agent.


    I really like the “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far” column because they usually clear up many misconceptions I have about writing and getting published.

  20. LauraR

    I love so much about WD, but especially news about agents and contests. I just eat those up. As an aspiring children’s book author, I need to get my hands on this book pronto! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Chilo

    I took out the WD magazine from the library and was struck by the great tips and articls about writng that I purchased the subscription and started browsing their website!

  22. fcstcc18

    I’ve found following the fabulous Chuck on Twitter, and keeping up on new posts here on WD has really kept me up to date on all the new agents out there. This is such a fabulous resource for any writer. I love that you all aren’t genre specific and look to help everyone. It’s a valuable resource that even my Creative Writing professors list. Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you do!

  23. ShaunaR

    I appreciate the practical tips and hands-on writing ideas and exercises that Writer’s Digest offers. WD doesn’t just share information and advice but encourages writers to get busy writing.

  24. KarenLange

    I haven’t picked up a Children’s Market guide in a long time. I need to soon; thanks for the reminder. I appreciate the WD site and materials – you can always count on solid advice on just about anything pertaining to writing.

  25. KIMOCO01

    So much of writing is spent alone at a desk. I love that the Writer’s Digest web site–the blogs, the prompts, the contests, and much more–helps me to feel connected with the larger writing community. When my energy flags or the writing demons come out, re-energizes me and helps me to keep going. With one picture book manuscript that I’d like to shop around, this new edition of the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market would be necessary and welcome! Thanks for the blog.

  26. Ardent Muse

    I love the WD writing prompts on Twitter – they’re a great way to jump-start your writing.. one in fact, started a flood of titles and great ideas for children’s stories that I’ve sketched out in an excel document – I even envision them becoming movies, but.. I’ve gotta get published first… and the 2013 Children’s Writers & Illustrators Market book would be ideal for my literary goals. Thanks for those Twitter prompts and contests! 🙂

  27. jimbone21

    I loved the comparisons of good query letters vs bad ones. Comic gold. Do people really write like this?

    On a side note: Does anyone know what the differences are between 2013 Writer’s Digest and 2013 Writer’s Digest Deluxe? Also, how much overlap is there between something like the specialized books (Children’s, Novel/Short Story, Poetry, etc) and the Writer’s Digest itself?

    1. Ishmael

      I think you’re referring to the Writer’s Market and WM Deluxe. The deluxe has a cd rom, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know how much overlap happens among the various editions.

    2. hturnbull

      Wait, wait wait wait
      am i yet too late
      I’ve got sumint to say
      Writers Digest is great

      Your post is essential
      perfectly divine
      for every fine writer
      for every fine line

      Helen Turnbull
      with love


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