The 2012 Writer’s Digest Conference — a Recap

I just got back from our 2012 writers conference in New York, and, as expected, it was extremely busy yet extremely great. It was our second year hosting it in Manhattan, and, besides a snowstorm that hit on Saturday, everything went very smoothly—including the gigantic Agent Pitch Slam, which is my big focus in terms of planning. (If you couldn’t make the conference this year, stayed tuned to the conference website. I expect we will be back in mid to late January 2013 for more awesomeness.)

(What are the BEST writers conferences to attend?)


Me at the author signing with my gnomies (gnome books, that is)

Reviews of the event thus far are very positive. Thank you to all our attendees. For those who attended, if you get an agent from the pitch slam or anything like that, please let me know. We tout our successes when we can and will help promote your books when they are published.


The crowd in the conference ballroom

There are several people I want to thank. Porter Anderson and Joe Perry for live blogging and tweeting. Joe spent a lot of time summarizing sessions, and you can learn a lot through his posts here. To see Porter’s hundreds of awesome tweets, search the hashtag #wdc12 on Twitter. I also want to thank all the agents that braved the snow for the pitch slam, as well as all our wonderful speakers.


Author Barry Eisler and I. He was one of the event’s keynote speakers.



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