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I’ve explained before that is the market database to end all databases. It’s got more than 6,000 listings for book publishers, literary agents, magazines, newspapers, contests, production companies, and much more. In other words, it’s the motherload of markets. If you were thinking about signing up for and having access, now is the time.

Why is it the time? Because the usual good deal just got sweeter. Right now, is offering a deal that has two special options.

  1. Use brand new coupon codes to get $10 off annual and biennel subs. An annual subscription drops to $29.99, and a biennel subscription drops to $44.99. (Sign up here.) The one-year code is 1YRAUG10 and the two-year code is 2YRAUG10.
  2. Or you could subscribe monthly (just $5.99/month). New monthly subscribers get free access to Alan Rinzler’s webinar, “An Insider’s Guide to Landing a Book Deal.” In this webinar, a veteran editor with years of
    experience and hundreds of books published explains what it takes in
    today’s publishing climate to not only land a book deal, but to land
    the best possible deal, with the best possible publisher.

Rinzler’s webinar will be useful for users who:

  • Have never been published by a commercial house
  • Have been published but want a better deal next time around
  • Are seeking an agent
  • Are planning to submit without an agent
  • Are thinking about self-publishing first as a strategy for getting a   better deal down the road

This is a limited-time special, and ends effective Aug. 31. Don’t miss out! Sign up here.

(By the way, if you sign up monthly, I’ve been told you will get access to the Rinzler webinar effective Sept. 15. They need some time to create access for new users.)

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