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Special Giveaway: Win Tickets to See the New Alan Rickman Writing Comedy “Seminar” on Broadway

We have a very special contest going down right now on the GLA Blog. Here’s the deal. There’s a new comedy on Broadway called “Seminar” that stars none other than Alan Rickman (bad guy in Die Hard, cheating husband in Love Actually, and, oh yeah, Snape in Harry Potter) as a writing instructor. Time Out New York gave it 5 stars and said Alan Rickman is hilarious in it and basically the man, which, naturally, we already knew. We’re giving away tickets on this blog. Keep reading if you want to win a pair!

THE GIVEAWAY: This contest goes through EOD, January 9, 2012. With the help of Serino/Coyne in NYC, we are giving away four (4) free pairs of tickets to random commenters. The show itself is on an open-ended run, so winners are allowed to cash in their tickets for anytime in Jan – March 2012 — so you should be able to find a date that works for you. (Update: Winners picked on 1-10: lhinkey, Marta, gigig99 and shannon.kahle.)

HOW TO WIN: 1) Comment on this post. 2) In addition to commenting, you must share news (a link) of this contest at least once through your blog, Facebook or Twitter. If you tweet the news, just include the “Seminar” handle @SeminarOnBway in your tweet, so we can find it later to verify. If you blog or Facebook the news instead, please include your actual link within your comment below. Easy peasy! Questions about the contest? E-mail me at literaryagent@fwmedia.com

THE SHOW: “In SEMINAR, four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard (Alan Rickman), an international literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant and unorthodox instruction, some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon and hearts are unmoored. The wordplay is not the only thing that turns vicious as innocence collides with experience in this biting new comedy. This is its world premiere.”


Thanks for entering!


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209 thoughts on “Special Giveaway: Win Tickets to See the New Alan Rickman Writing Comedy “Seminar” on Broadway

  1. DoggieDog

    First saw Alan Rickman in “Private Lives” on Broadway. Love him. Love Theresa Rebeck plays. Thanks for the opportunity here! RT’d your contest tweet on Twitter. May I win, please?

  2. talltonks

    Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, TWEET TWEET TWEET, talk a lot pick a little more….

    Tweeted it from @aimeemeyer55

    Love you all for doing this!

  3. beatlesblonde

    I love Alan Rickman and couldn’t think of a better opportunity to see him live but in “Seminar”. I evenhave wrote to Vogue when they featured him in the November issue. Tweeted about this giveaway @beatlesblonde

  4. kerrykhub

    So, I can’t think of a better reward for my writing efforts than to win tickets to this show (which of course, I would share with my favorite KC writer friends). Ok, maybe waking up to see my novel anywhere on the NY Times Best Seller list. But since that ain’t happening anytime soon… Whoops, I forgot–posted the contest link on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=593147371

  5. kerrykhub

    So, I can’t think of a better reward for my writing efforts than to win tickets to this show (which of course, I would share with my favorite KC writer friends). Ok, maybe waking up to see my novel anywhere on the NY Times Best Seller list. But since that ain’t happening anytime soon… ;-)

  6. rickmarvelous

    It would be so lovely to actually win something, and this is the best something I can think of. This is a play by an outstanding playwright with a wonderful cast and it would make my entire year to win!

  7. AlexRoyale

    I would love to see this! Alan Rickman is phenomenal onscreen, and seeing him on stage would be ridiculously awesome! Tweeting this, Tumblring this, and Facebooking this! :)

  8. LydiaBlyf

    I am absolutely desperate to see this! Alan Rickman is on of my favorite actors but Broadway ticket are too expensive for my student budget. Also my sister who I haven’t seen in a bout a year will be visiting from England In Feb, she’s an aspiring actress and if I could take her to this I would be the best sister ever! I really hope I get lucky, I’ll be tweeting at @LITERATI_FILES

  9. LensBunny

    Posted on Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1455081922)
    Writer’s Digest is having a contest to giveaway tickets to “Seminar” on Broadway!

    I love Alan Rickman! Truly, Madly, Deeply is one of my all time favorite movies and I just saw him being deliciously horrible in Nobel Son over the weekend. Combine that with a lifelong desire to see a real Broadway show and this would make me the happiest ‘Grammy’ in town! Len would love this one too!

  10. CMH

    The thought of Alan Rickman as an instructor – I’d be terrified every time I spoke in class! This would be fabulous to see on Broadway. I’m posting it to my facebook.

  11. jcastello

    twitter is ladycastello. Rickman is a fantastic human being and the only actor I know of that really cares about not only his role, but the story of the film/play he’s working with. I really hope for this opportunity to see Rickman in person and give myself a reason to see NYC for the first time …

  12. giroflee28

    Hello everybody!
    First, i’m sorry for my poor english, but i’m french…. I know it’s a good pretext. But the only one:)
    I want to see Alan Rickman, to check if he’s real, and not just a god of theater and cinema. Although i think to see Alan Rickman on Broadway is a miracle!
    To conclude, i’ll go across the ocean by swimming ( or plane… ) to see Seminar.



    PS:You can choose me also, because you have mercy upon my English, and you want to give me a chance to improve it. :) ..

  13. jbtmezzo

    Just re-commenting this so that the link is with my actual comment…

    “Will be linking this to my Facebook for sure!

    Ahhhh! My fingers are crossed!
    I’ve admired Alan Rickman’s work since his early Shakespearean days; andI was so thrilled when he signed on to portray my favorite literary character: Severus Snape!

    I would do anything to see this show!
    Thank you for the opportunity!”

    Link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/jbtdiva

  14. jbtmezzo

    Will be linking this to my Facebook for sure!

    Ahhhh! My fingers are crossed!
    I’ve admired Alan Rickman’s work since his early Shakespearean days; andI was so thrilled when he signed on to portray my favorite literary character: Severus Snape!

    I would do anything to see this show!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Ellenaverson

    I couldnt find any rules for this concert so i dont know if it is for usa residents only (which i am not)
    last year i flew to New york to see Alan Rickman in John borkman Gabriel and i just loved New York
    This year i was tempted to book a trip to new york to check out seminar but didnt do it yet lol, so if i win the tickets there is no reason Not to book a trip to New York and i still have to check out the Gugenheim museum because i fell ill the day i supose to go to the Gugenheim museum

    twitter link: https://twitter.com/#!/Polyjuice_P/status/156045498950758400

    facebook link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001722300880&sk=wall

  16. kmworldtrvlr

    Can’t wait to see the play! Would love to win tickets to take friends!
    Shared it on Facebook -http://www.facebook.com#!/Kmworldtrvlr
    I am happy to know in not the only fan who thinks Alan Rickman is fascinating;)

  17. MamaOwl_Kirby

    I never win anything, but this is the most exciting prize I could ever imagine. I am a huge fan of Mr. Rickman and would love nothing more than to see his genius firsthand. I have never been to New York City and can not think of a better reason to go than to see The Seminar. I have been following stories about this play from the day Mr. Rickman was announced to take the lead, hoping to get tickets. However due to the economy, my hours have been cut back so drastically I cannot afford a pair of tickets. To win this prize would be the best thing to happen to me in a long time! Please pick me! I am tweeting this using my twitter account of the same name (@MamaOwl_Kirby).

  18. dreaminginwords

    oh my gosh, i love alan rickman! amazing job in harry potter and die hard. let’s not forget the bad guy in quigley down under with tom selleck; another good one :)

    shared it on facebook:

  19. PatGOBrien

    Inspired contest! Grab those readers and hold ‘em. And and inspiring show, too, Seminar. Theatrically, Alan Rickman can do no wrong, and you put him in a show that celebrates WORDS (as only Alan Rickman can say them), it has to be wonderful. Oh, to visit the Big City (I live in little Vermont) and see that show — would that I could … So, posting on FB, blogging at PattioConversation blog, and starting to dream …. [Hi, Chuck.]

  20. SMKrafty

    Alan Rickman is such a versatile actor that it would be a pleasure to see him in yet another type of part. The plot of the play sounds like a giggle a minute and I can only imagine how perfectly Mr. Rickman’s style of drole responses will enhance the whole play. If I can’t win tickets here, I might just have to beg for them for my birthday! I post the link on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/profile.php?id=100000709480176.

  21. Caityco

    Mr. Rickman was wonderful in all of his movies, but i’m always sad to think that i’ve never seen his theatre acting which is so much more intimate for the audience, as well as the actor. I’d love to win these tickets!

  22. joedi

    I posted to Facebook and would love to win. I’ve appreciated Alan Rickman since Truly, Madly, Deeply ~ long before Die Hard and Harry Potter. Please pick me and I will be forever grateful.

  23. Kathy Quimby

    Alan Rickman? A play about writing? That’s a winning combination in my book. I have tweeted (@ktquimby) and posted on Facebook: Katherine Quimby Johnson. One way or another I want to see this play.

  24. TheFlawlessWord

    I have to be in NYC for a bunch of doctors’ appointments in March. This would be the perfect pick-me-up after all that. Tweeting @IrreverentFreel

  25. David Clark

    Funny how, just an hour ago, I read a fascinating article about how Alan played Snape because of a secret told to him by J.K. Rowling during the earliest filming of the Harry Potter series. Viewing the movies, I had the feeling there was something going on with Snape, but I couldn’t tell what, until all was revealed in the final movie. What a surprise! One may not fully appreciate fine acting unless one hears the in-depth background like this. I do, now!

  26. AAITC1

    I saw Alan Rickman looking very miserable at the US Embassy in London last September. Wonder if he was waiting for his visa to appear in this show? Retweeted contest under AAITC1…

  27. AAITC1

    I saw Alan Rickman looking very miserable at the US Embassy in London last September. Wonder if he was waiting for his visa to appear in this show. Retweeted contest under AAITC1.

  28. xseminarxx

    Ive wanted to see this show since I heard about it ages ago when Alan Rickman was announced to be in it! I am a huge! All his roles have been incredible! I love Jerry as well! Hilarious guy! I love NYC and thos show sounds incredible and if money wasnt a issue I would of seen it already, so this would be perfect! I could take my best friend whos birthday is soon! Ive also been a huge fan of writers digest from my grandma. Please pick me! Tweeted it and fb!

  29. jessaguilera

    Alan Rickman is an amazing actor. His acting skills are just phenomenal. He can portray the bad guy AND the nice guy perfectly. And don’t get me started on his voice…..
    Alan is my favorite actor and he is my inspiration. He’s the reason I want to become a successful performer and an entertainer.

    I would ​love to see him perform live in “Seminar”. And for me, there’s nothing greater than Alan starring in a comedy performance! But Unfortunately, I’m in Indonesia, and it’s very hard for me to deal with this, because I can’t easily just go to the US whenever there is a show like this and buying the tickets from here will be really difficult and complicated — and not to mention the price that I have to discuss with my parents, nor it is easy for me to just fly over to UK to meet him.

    So, it will be really great if I could win this and get the tickets to go watch “Seminar”. I would willing to fly over there if I have the tickets….(Or does the contest includes flying me over to US too? :p)

    Winning this contest means so much to me! I could finally meet THE Alan Rickman; the man whom I wanted to meet the most because he’s inspired my life a lot,
    and seeing the commercial, trailer, behind the scenes, snippets, people’s comments, and a lot more sources, “Seminar” seems like the show that must be watched!

    I believe, that someday, I will have the chance to meet Alan and see him perform live. Even if I didn’t win the contest, I am still positive that God will someday give me the chance to see Alan in another show. And I also believe I could be an actress/performer just like him.

    And if the contest isn’t eligible for people in Indonesia and outside the US/UK like me, just consider this as my honest and true opinion about Alan Rickman and “Seminar”.

    So thank you so much for giving this opportunity for fans like us, to participate in this wonderful contest, and giving a chance for us to win a ticket to see our favorite actor perform.
    I’ve tweeted this and shared it with my friends at @jessaguilera

    Thx so much!
    Hope you’ll consider on picking me :)


  30. Doctorwriter

    I retweeted @snowy! What a treat, having Alan Rickman on Broadway–I would bring a group of writers to see how terrifying a writing coach can truly be!

    Thanks for giving us this chance to see the show!

  31. littledvl4

    Hey, Hey, Hey, Pick Me!
    Love, Love, LOVE Alan Rickman! Actually saw his first movie role, Die Hard, in the theatre when it came out originally! Yes….I’m showing my age, but who the hell cares when you have the chance to see such a brilliant actor on stage in person!
    Posted this on my FaceBook page & on my Twitter account! (@Littledvl4: Northern, NJ)
    Don’t Forget….Pick Me!!!

  32. prettygirlshop

    A good friend treated me to see this spectacular show and I’d love to pay it forward and treat four friends who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go, but would LOVE to! Rebeck, what a multi layer cake of prose and Rickman and cast, the supreme icing! Sharing on Facebook!

  33. GabylovesNYC

    If I win these tickets I honestly believe I will cry tears of happiness. I absolutely love Alan and it would be amazing if I win. Tweeted: @mileyworld

  34. AuroraLopezC

    I posted it in my Facebook page. Seeing Alan Rickman would be a dream come true, since I saw him in Sense and Sensibility. I will cross my fingers! Thanks for the chance and the illusion…

  35. maf779

    I have been following Seminar since it was just a one page web link saying Theresa Rebeck wrote a play, Alan Rickman would be starring in it, it would be staged somewhere on Broadway and some other actors would be along eventually. So, yeah, would love to see it!! I don’t really know how to link though. I made my share of this post public on my FB, hope that is sufficient!

  36. Elegavie

    I would love to see this show, although if I won I would probably give at least one ticket to a great friend. I am going to repost on my facebook page.

  37. jennifersmu

    You had me at Alan Rickman. Hello–ALAN RICKMAN??? *Swoon.* Talking about writing? *Double swoon.* What a great idea for a Broadway show! A little humor about an industry that can really take it out of you sometimes would be just so… I don’t know. Probably even better than the feeling you get when your new issue of Writer’s Digest arrives in the mail. (As if that were possible.)

    Okay, pardon the shameless sucking up. Pick me! Pick me! Shared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifersmu

  38. kguilfoyle

    I saw this show in December as a birthday present and it was fantastic! especially seeing Alan Rickman as he was one of my favorite actors!!! It’s one of his best so far in my opinion.

  39. madnessandme

    WOW – this would really rock — I would LOVE to see this show :) Google+ ‘d Tweeted (@madnessmomandme & sparkleplenty1) & Facebooked the contest guys. Good luck “buona fortuna” everyone & I hope to see you (too) on Broadway!
    ~ Lee

  40. Shnell

    Alan Rickman is amazing. Love everything he does…and he deserves an Oscar. I tweeted this contest from @aleksa7 and facebooked it as well. Thank you for giving everyone an opportunity to win tickets.

  41. leahh617

    AHHHHHH!!!! I’d love to see Alan Rickman in person!!!!! That’d be amazing. I’ve heard he’s even more brilliant on stage than he is in movies and he’s done some amazing stuff (Snow Cake was just, I can’t even describe) and then to possibly meet him and hear that voice directed at me after would make my life. Meeting Lily would be awesome too. I’m loving American Horror story. Just posted on twitter (@leahh617)!!

  42. cowsgomoo1022

    LOVED THIS PLAY! I am obsessed with Alan Rickman. loved him in anything from Die Hard to Something the Lord Made to Harry Potter. my twitter is @ksullz223

  43. page394

    I shared the link on twitter, now just wait to see the final result. Alan Rickman is my favorite actor, he is wonderful. Both the film and the theater, I’d love to win the ticket to see him in SEMINAR. – @mel_snape

  44. elishamaldonado

    Alan Rickman was quoted as saying: “I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself so seriously.” I promise I won’t take myself so seriously while work hard at watching this show. Tweeted at @elishamaldonado

  45. jcm1152

    i would bike to nyc to see him <3 judas kiss, winter guest, truly madly deeply- gah, sense & sensibility!! he's dripping with brilliance! it sounds like a wonderful play!

  46. DragonWhisperer17

    I’ve been i die hard Alan Rickman fan for as long as I can remember…I’ve seen so many of his movies and they are just absolutely AMAZING, my favorite being Snow Cake (a beautiful story by the way). If I get that chance to see him perform live on stage, I might die!

    I’ll be tweeting this contest. My username is @KiraleeKnotts

    Good luck to all those entering!

  47. hprezio

    Hooray! I posted. My twitter handle is @helenaprezio – Fingers crossed! Thanks to all who put contests like these together! Love love love Theresa Rebeck!

  48. Spock4Pres818

    Loved Alan Rickman since I was 10!!! Watching Robin Hood right now as I am typing this!! Would love to see him on stage. Please pick me!!! Posted this on Twitter @BrandieW818

  49. MarthaReynoldsWrites

    Alan Rickman. Doesn’t get any better. Oh wait, it does! Starring in Seminar on Broadway. A reason to go to NYC. Count me in, and as much I don’t want the competition, I am sharing this on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. midenw

    This sounds like it would be all kinds of wonderful. More specifically, it would be a wonderful treat after getting my wisdom teeth out today. That is to say, does the Writer’s Digest traffic in pity-tickets…? :)
    (You can expect a tweet shortly).

  51. kristifree

    I love Alan Rickman so much in everything he’s done, including the oft’ under-acknowledged Snow Cake. I’d love to see him. Going to share this on my twitter page, my username is kristifree. Cheers!