Some Fun Trivia For You

I just discovered trivia nights in Cincinnati recently and am hooked. I go whenever I can talk my wife into going, and it’s a lot of fun. For anyone out there who enjoys trivia as much as me, I’ve decided to post questions from time to time for you to enjoy. The answers are in the comments section. Click on comments when you are ready to know. (There is no contest nor prize. This is just for kicks.)

  1. According to an online poll, what are the most popular 4 cheeses to be put on burgers worldwide?
  2. What DC comics super-villain was responsible for the paralysis of Barbara Gordon as well as the death of the second Robin?
  3. Which of the four railroad properties in Monopoly was not based off an actual real-life railroad?
  4. What Canadian province is often called the cradle of New France?
  5. What Willy Wonka character was deposed of after making it clear she wanted a goose that laid golden eggs?
  6. What American pioneer businessman was widely regarded as being responsible for creating the 40-hour work week as well as the minimum wage?
  7. If you broke your ulna, where would the doctor place the cast?
  8. Who was married to Rick Salomon, Kid Rock, and Tommy Lee?

Answers in the comments. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Some Fun Trivia For You

  1. Kristin Laughtin

    #1 I could look up, but I want to see how many of these I just happen to know. I’m guessing American, Swiss, and cheddar are on there, though.

    #2 is the Joker.

    #3 is Short Line.

    #4 I would guess is Quebec. 😉

    #5 is Veruca Salt.

    #6 I would have to look up.

    #7 is your arm…the forearm specifically.

    #8 is Pamela Anderson, and I’m sad I know that.

  2. Chuck Sambuchino

    1. American, Swiss, Cheddar, and Blue Cheese
    2. The Joker
    3. Short Line
    4. Quebec
    5. Veruca Salt
    6. Henry Ford
    7. Your arm
    8. Pamela Anderson

    And I’m sorry if any of these are somehow erroneous. I’m just writing down some Q&A’s for fun, so there is no sense detailing any arguments or contradictory evidence, etc, below.


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