How to Start a Successful E-Mail Newsletter: New Webinar in May 12, 2011

To sell books, you need to market yourself with an author platform. Along with a great blog, one of the key elements to an author platforms is some kind of e-mail newsletter. I receive them all the time from fiction and nonfiction writers alike. It’s with that in mind that former WD publisher and current eMedia professor Jane Friedman is teaching the new webinar “How to Start a Successful E-Mail Newsletter” on May 12, 2011.



The webinar happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, May 12, 2011, and lasts 75 minutes. Please keep in mind that if you cannot attend the
live webinar because of a schedule conflict, you still receive the
entire presentation (recorded), and can still communicate questions to
the instructor and get any freebies associated with the event.
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E-mail marketing is the No. 1 overlooked means of reader engagement when authors evaluate their overall platform. Being able to directly reach your readers, or most avid fans, is a powerful capability that every author should have. While social media is usually touted as a primary way to build audience, when it comes to online marketing, e-mail is still the most successful and profitable means of interacting with your readership. Sign up here.

Thankfully, it’s easy to get started with e-mail newsletters, and it doesn’t require any technical know-how or expertise. It doesn’t even require you to pay money until you have a sizable list of names.

What you will learn:

  • How and why to start building an e-mail list today even if you think you have nothing to say
  • How to start sending an e-mail newsletter for free, at no cost to you
  • What the major e-mail contact services are, and how to start using them
  • 3 different types of content strategies for your e-mail newsletter
  • Biggest do’s and don’ts for newsletters that get opened, read and shared. Sign up here.
  • What kind of frequency you ought to maintain
  • What is perceived as “spammy” or annoying—and how to avoid any practices that would categorize your e-mails as spam
  • How to gauge the success of your newsletters; how to test and improve them over time


As the former
publisher and editorial director of Writer’s Digest, Jane Friedman is an
industry authority on commercial, literary, and emerging forms of
publishing. She has spoken at more than 200 writing events since 2001,
and is known within the publishing industry as an innovator, cited by
sources such as Publishers Weekly, GalleyCat, PBS online, and Mr.
Media. Jane currently serves as a visiting professor of e-media at the
University of Cincinnati, and is a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest. Since 2008, she’s offered advice for writers at her award-winning blog, There Are No Rules, which receives 55,000 visits every month. Find out more at

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