Bent Objects: An Awesome Blog-to-Book Success Story

I am a big fan of blog success stories—instances where someone starts a blog that has enough momentum to warrant a book deal. Now there are the big blogs that are almost too big to feel happy for, such FailBlog or F My Life. And then there are middle-of-the-road awesome success stories like Bent Objects, which just make me smile all day long.

The Bent Objects blog was a simple brainchild of Terry Border, who aimed to show people to secret lives of everyday things—while making you laugh. These pictures are absolute genius. It’s a great example of a blog that gained enough of a readership for an agent to come calling. Very cool. It’s a great example that it can be done.


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6 thoughts on “Bent Objects: An Awesome Blog-to-Book Success Story

  1. Susan Carleton

    I loved those baby carrots — until I realised they were on a dinner plate. Oh no!

    Terry’s photos do have many laugh-out-loud moments in them, and we all need more of that these days. Congratulations to him!


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