Should You Meet an Agent In Person After Signing?

Q. Once you have an agent – would you meet with them in person often or is most contact done via phone and e-mail?

A: You could meet them in person, and it would be nice, but it’s not necessary. Sometimes, it’s just not practical if you’re in Fort Worth and she’s in Manhattan. So no, it’s not automatic or completely necessary, but does often happen. Perhaps you could meet at a writers’ conference – that happens plenty.
        What is more common – is a meeting between publisher, agent and writer when a book contract is in place. By that, I mean when the agent sells your book to a house and the editor wants to sit down with you personally and talk over a plan for the book.  All the partners meet and talk. 
       On this subject, know that it is a big no-no to write to an agent and say, “I will be in town in two weeks – let’s meet!”  Most agents are way to busy to carve out a lunch for a writer they don’t know.  Stick to the normal query process. 

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One thought on “Should You Meet an Agent In Person After Signing?

  1. Sara J. Henry

    Personally I would never have signed with an agent I hadn’t met in person – it’s a huge commitment and one that greatly affects your publishing future. It would be like accepting a job over the phone, without ever having visited the workplace or met your future bosses. I know people who have done it, but for me it would be worth a plane ticket if necessary.

    With that said, I would happily commit to an editor without meeting him in person – but the editor has been in a sense pre-vetted by the agent.


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