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Speaking of Agents and Self-Published Books

Categories: Self-Publishing and Agents.
A few days ago, I got word from agent extraordinare Sharlene Martin about a self-published book she picked up and sold for big money in an auction.  (Congrats, Sharlene.)

Media Bistro has the entire story, but I can sum it up by saying that the book is about a family’s experience with their daughter who died at the age of 6.  Before the girl died, she got to experience all kinds of “wishes” (swim with the dolphins, etc.) and write notes to her loved ones.  The family self-published a book, had good sales (8,000) and Sharlene took notice.  She signed the family as clients and sold the book.

Self-published books don’t often get agents, but this is a great success story!

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One Response to Speaking of Agents and Self-Published Books

  1. Kayva Lenson says:

    Is Strategic book marketing an actual Literary Agency or is it a self publishing company?

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