Avoid the Perils of Self-Publishing: Webinar on April 28, 2011

As the avenues and options and limits of self-publishing continue to evolve, it’s a lot for a writer to wrap their head around. Lucky for us, we’ve got indie author fan favorite and founder and Editor in Chief of Publetariat April Hamilton teaching a new webinar on April 28, 2011: Avoid the Perils of Self-Publishing: Learn How to be a Savvy Self-Publisher.”



It all goes down at 1 p.m. EST, Thursday, April 28, 2011, and lasts 90 minutes. Sign up here!

Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 1 year. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation or ask the presenter questions. In all WD webinars, no question goes unanswered. Attendees have the ability to chat with the instructor during the live event and ask questions.


More and more authors—aspiring and mainstream-published alike—are embracing the benefits they can enjoy through self-publishing. Retaining full creative control, earning significantly higher profits, being able to bring a complete manuscript to market in a matter of weeks instead of months or years, releasing one’s work in as many (or as few) formats as desired, and controlling one’s own intellectual property rights are just a few of the considerable advantages indie authorship and publishing have to offer. Sign up here!

However, there’s no single, one-size-fits-all success plan for self-publishers, and there are plenty of costly mistakes to be made along the way. This webinar is about the questions and issues every self-publisher must address if he hopes avoid these pitfalls and reach his goals in authorship and publishing as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify your goals as both an author and publisher, and why this is such a crucial first step
  • The 8 most common causes of self-publishing failure, and how to avoid them
  • The 8 traits most successful self-publishers have in common, and how to cultivate them
  • The 5 crucial author platform skills every self-publisher should strive to master so they can sell more books
  • Types of books and authors for which the indie path is particularly well-suited, and conversely, types of authors and books for which mainstream publication is still the smarter path
  • Where to go to get more help and information. Sign up here!


April L. Hamilton is an author, author services provider, blogger, Technorati BlogCritic, leading advocate and speaker for the indie author movement, and founder and Editor in Chief of Publetariat, the premier online news hub and community for indie authors and small imprints. April is also on the Board of Directors for the Association of Independent Authors. She’s been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, MSN Money and The Washington Times, and profiled by ABNA Books and The Writing Cast podcast. Her popular self-published reference book, The IndieAuthor Guide, has received recommendations from The Huffington Post and New York Times Magazine; the revised and updated edition, released by Writer’s Digest Books, is currently available from booksellers everywhere in both print and ebook formats.

Questions? Contact writingwebinars@fwmedia.com

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