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Sandy Lu Joins L. Perkins Agency

Categories: Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog, Genre Writing, New Agency Alerts.

Lori Perkins has an agency in New York. I blogged this agency a while back when Jenny Rappaport left the agency to form her own. Now, Lori has taken on a new agent: Sandy Lu.

L. Perkins Associates doesn’t have a Web site, but Lori runs her “Agent in the Middle” blog here. Here are some detail on Sandy:

Sandy Lu
L. Perkins Associates

Prior to her current position: Ms. Lu was with Vanguard Literary Agency.

Fiction areas of interest: literary and commercial fiction, upscale women’s fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, and historical fiction. She is especially interested in edgy, contemporary urban fiction.

Nonfiction areas of interest: narrative nonfiction, history, biography, memoir, science, psychology, pop culture, and food writing. She also has a particular interest in Asian or Asian-American writing, both original and in translation, fiction and nonfiction.

How to contact: sllperkinsagency@gmail.com.

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3 Responses to Sandy Lu Joins L. Perkins Agency

  1. Spoken says:

    L. Perkins Associates aka L. Perkins Agency website http://lperkinsagency.com/home

  2. Molly says:

    because the vast majority of readers are women.

  3. Tim of Angle says:

    How come the agent business seems to be 98% women?

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