Rappaport Agency Opens

Editor’s note: Jenny Rappaport is no
longer agenting. Don’t query her.


Jenny Rappaport recently left L. Perkins Associates to form her own agency: The Rappaport Agency. Her new Web site is up, and she recently held a query contest to kick off the new venture.


Here are some query instructions
from Jenny.  See more information
on her Web site.

“Only email queries are currently accepted. Please send your email to queries@rappaportagency.com. Be sure to include the world ‘Query’ in the subject line, and your contact information in the body of the e-mail.
Jenny primarily represents science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult fiction, and romance, along with a few select nonfiction titles.  In science fiction and fantasy, her tastes are very broad, b
ut be careful for cliches. There’s so much wonderful material out there to explore that every fantasy novel doesn’t need the stereotypical elf, dwarf, and farmboy-turned-world savior, all of whom start their adventure in a bar with tavern wenches. Regarding horror, she prefers the darker, psychological side of things, and she very firmly does not like splatterpunk.
She represents all types of young adult fiction, but her favorites are the ones that fall into the SFF or horror genres. Regarding romance, she is only looking for historical romances and paranormals (contemporary or historical). She also handles a bit of women’s fiction, and is always a sucker for a very good historical novel. Literary fiction is difficult to place with us.
The Rappaport Agency does not represent picture books, most types of nonfiction, or religious fiction.”


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