Greg Parasmo Leaves the Agent World

You remember literary agent Greg Parasmo as the man who gave one of the funniest agent interviews of all time last year.

He recently contacted me saying that he has left agenting for a job at Scholastic.  Greg worked at Linn Prentis Literary.  I was having a difficult time contacting Linn this past year because she has no Web site, though I did meet her in person last May.  I’m not even sure if she is still actively agenting.  But regardless, Greg is out of the game…

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3 thoughts on “Greg Parasmo Leaves the Agent World

  1. Ritaer

    I have sent emails to both addresses listed on and they have bounced. I also notice that the most recent information regarding the agency deals seems to date from 2010. Is the agency still active? They have a listing in the 2014 Guide to Literary Agent–is this out of date?


  2. G-Money

    Thanks for posting the update and making me seem somewhat more significant than I really am…

    Linn’s business is thriving despite the site & database issues. She’s just modest and likes to keep her omniscience on the DL. All that crapola should be resolved by end of summer. As Patricia Briggs’ status & sales continue to escalate, her bestselling novels and spinoff projects (graphic novels, film) must cause Prentis & Co. to drown in paper & slush (I know this first hand). That’s probably the reason behind the lack of communication. Excited for ’em and their success.

    As for Scholastic and the youngin’ book world… it’s just "bunny eat bunny."


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