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Announcing Signature Literary: Ellen Pepus & Gary Heidt

Categories: Random Updates.
I just got an e-mail from Gary Heidt, who said he is leaving FinePrint Literary Agency to found a new agency called Signature Literary.  He is joined at the agency by co-founder Ellen Pepus, who ran her own one-woman DC agency prior to the merger. 

The Signature Web site is up and running, so give it a look-see.  Gary will remain in NYC while Ellen will remain in DC.  Here are the new e-mails:

       Gary Heidt: gary@signaturelit.com
       Ellen Pepus: ellen@signaturelit.com

This is an older picture of Gary (left)
and I jamming at the Midwest
Literary Festival in Aurora, IL.

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5 Responses to Announcing Signature Literary: Ellen Pepus & Gary Heidt

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