Agent Ted Malawer Joins Upstart Crow Literary

Literary agent Ted Malawer has joined Upstart Crow Literary.  Ted was previously with Firebrand Literary, but with Firebrand’s recent closure, he will join four other former Firebranders in forming Upstart Crow. He specializes in children’s fiction.

The Upstart Crow agency webpage is not completely updated yet, so I will post some info about Ted below.

For YA: “I am really looking for books that walk the line between commercial and literary. I like high concept novels with great ‘hooks,’ unique premises, and great humor. I also enjoy lyrical fiction, as long as it has an authentic and compelling voice.  I’m a huge fan of mysteries, smart historicals, and urban fantasy about original topics (no vampires, please). I’m not so much into the snarky ‘chick lit’ voice, but great writing trumps everything…”

For middle grade: “I am drawn to unique coming-of-age stories. I like stories that make me laugh, but if you can make me cry, even better. I like projects with fantastical/supernatural elements, too, and action/adventure plots.  I love fun and exciting chapter books, especially with multicultural characters.”

How to contact:; “submit a QUERY and TWENTY PAGES of your manuscript. Please put your query and sample in the body of the email, we will not open attachments. If your submission is received by our system, an automated response will be emailed to you. We will respond to most queries within two weeks to a month. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of submissions received, personal responses are only very rarely possible. But if we are interested, we will request your full manuscript.”

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3 thoughts on “Agent Ted Malawer Joins Upstart Crow Literary

  1. Gael Lynch

    Upstart recently posted a piece in response to recent questions about them on Face Book. They answered this question in exactly the manner that Tamaryn suggests. You might want to consider following them on Face Book yourself.

  2. Chuck

    Tamaryn, literary agents usually don’t mention that in their submission guidelines, but the general answer is "yes" – they will pass it to another agent. An agency is a team, and it makes no sense to throw away a promising submission that someone else may be willing to take on and sell.

  3. Tamaryn

    Just a quick question. This sounds like a great person to query, but do you know if Ted will pass it to another agent at Upstart Crow if he likes it but it’s not right for him and thinks it’d be a good fit with one of his colleagues at the agency? I checked their website but it’s not specific on this point (that I could find). Thanks in advance!


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