Agency News From Here and There…

News from the agent world…

1. Ronnie Gramazio is no longer with Martin Literary Management

From Sharlene Martin, principal of MLM:
        “Please be advised that effective August 19, 2008 Ronnie Gramazio is no longer an agent with Martin Literary Management.  He has decided to return to an editor position with a soon to be announced publisher. Therefore, please note that we are no longer accepting any fiction submissions. We are a nonfiction agency only. Also, please note, that effective July 1, 2008, we are a ‘green agency’ and only will be accepting queries letters via email (in the body of the e-mail—no attachments) and hard copy letters/submissions may not be responded to.”

2. Anderson Literary Management Wants Snail Mail Submissions

From Adriann Ranta of ALM:
“The listing for Anderson Literary states that we accept email queries.
We strongly prefer hardcopy submissions, so if you could make the
listing reflect that it would be greatly appreciated.”

3. Irene Webb Literary Changes E-Mail and Mailing Address

Here’s the new info:
       Irene Webb
       Irene Webb Literary
822 Bishop’s Lodge Road
       Santa Fe, NM 87501

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