4 thoughts on “Wanted: Agent for a Multicultural Picture Book

  1. Brenda Longstreth

    Dear Chuck,

    I have read the 2009 ‘Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market’ and couldn’t find examples of picture book query letters. Other than sending out query letters and learning through trial and error, where might I find some examples?

    Thank you.

    Have a great day!

  2. Jessica

    Or you could go to http://www.agentquery.com
    They have a frequently updated data base of agents and the genres they represent, and you can search by genre or name.
    There’s also Publisher’s Market Place and the forum at Absolute Write (the water cooler)where agents pop in from time to time to answer questions, and also a children’s writer thread where agents and their contact info are discussed.

  3. Betsy Ashton

    Go to the book store. Look at multi-cultural picture and children’s books. Write down the names of the authors. Check inside to see if they list acknowledgments — they might, and if they do, look to see who the agent it. If there are no acknowlegments, check the author’s web site. Might be listed there. Also Google the author’s name and literary agent. I expanded my list of potential agents by doing just this. Good agents list their clients and the names of books they have sold. Good luck, Betsy


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