3 thoughts on “Literary Agents For Poetry Books?

  1. UrQueenbee_Trish_Marie

    It is not fair and i see it as being closed to this part of the reading world that poetry is not being noticed. if it weren’t for poetry there would not be songs. How is a poet suppose to grow if there is hardly a thing or a person out there that will take the time to help out Poets like me in getting a book published for the world to read.. To feel the depth of a soul is way different then reading a book that is made up..Poetry has an aura all of its own and i think publishers should offer what they offer a fiction writer or a movie writer the opportunity to allow the poet express themselves like others do.. if any one has ways of getting a book published of poetry please i ask of you to email me because Poets like me go through hel* to try to get a book published and trust me i have been trying since 1991. I have a driven goal I plan on not giving up I will get a book published!
    Sincerely; Trish M. Hopkins, urqueenbeetmh@yahoo.com

  2. Jennifer Cummins

    Reading children’s rhyming poetry aloud to them, from infancy onward, not only stimulates brain development and auditory memory recall and development, but also develops phonemic awareness, the base of linguistic development. Elementary age students also need to be reading, hearing, and writing rhyming poetry, to continue to strengthen the brains’ myelination of nerve connections. The lack of children’s poetry in the educational system, fun-to-read rhyming poetry books by authors represented by good literary agents, flies in the face of logic. These children, with well-developed linguistic skills, will mature into the readers of tomorrow. It is up to agents to acknowledge they need to think proactively, in building a readership for the future. In not representing children’s poetry, agents are shortsighted in their approach to representation, as authors who pen poetry are also capable of authoring other brain-stimulating works.

  3. Reesha

    How sad is that! I mean, I totally agree and I know the market is not in favor of poetry at all. But why?
    I assume it has something to do with the fact that it takes about 50+ years to read a poem. Seriously, those things are jam packed with obscure and hidden meaning, I contemplate every one I read for years afterwards.


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