2 thoughts on “Is It More Difficult to Get Young Adult Published Right Now?

  1. Larissa Hinton

    I think you’re right Liesl. I think everybody is trying to get into the young adult industry right now, and maybe that’s why I can’t crack into the publishing industry. I got a contract last summer with a publisher for a young adult book (which by the way, I don’t write little kids books with pictures. I write books like I mentioned J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer type of books. Except with my spin of style, of course.), but they wanted too much money and too much percentage of the movie rights. So I didn’t sign the contract. But getting the contract tells me that I can get into the industry, but for some reason, agents aren’t seeing that my books are up to snuff. It’s frustrating. But thanks for answering my question!

  2. Liesl

    Could it be that this agent said this because YA is so hot that everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon? Generally the more competitors the fiercer the competition. Even long established adult writers are moving in that direction, which makes it all the harder.


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