5 thoughts on “Can You Publish a Book if You Live in Another Country?

  1. applepe87

    Thank God someone asked this question. I live in Argentina and lately I have been writing non stop (in my free time) about some subject i haven’t seen in book stores YET and my friends told me to do a research of how to publish or try to do it. Of course my “tiny book” is not done yet, but my main question Is it possible to publish a book in the US for example in English, before publishing it in my country??

    I don’t have any idea of how to do it either, does the editor helps you with the corrections? Apparently my “future book” would be amazing, that’s my friends opinion. For me, it’s just my feelings. Regards from Argentina!

  2. Steven Voris

    I edited my second book (nonfiction) while in the war zone of Kuwait, all correspondence by e-mail. It was released a year later while I was on deployment in Okinawa. I never met my editor, but we worked well together by e-mail. The hardest part was buying a printer, ink cartridges, and paper in the war zone for the final draft. The book was reviewed positively by an internationally recognized group of peers. The book is available for sale worldwide. Not being in the continental United States didn’t hurt me a bit.

  3. Michelle

    I’ve been querying agents from Italy for a work of narrative nonfiction that has to do with my experience living here, and none of the agents have expressed any concerns about my living out of the country. I’d be more than willing to spend an extended period in the U.S. promoting or doing whatever needs to be done for the book. But today with the Internet, Skype, etc. so much can be done from afar.

  4. Jeff

    I live in Argentina and know several American writers living here who have been published by major publishers in the U.S. without a problem. Among them:

    Maya Frost had her first non-fiction book published by a division of Random House earlier this year. Maya did go back for some book promotion activities but has been doing a lot of online marketing of her book from here.

    Ellen Bryson will have her debut novel published by Henry Holt in 2010.

  5. Janet Reid

    I represent several authors who live outside the US and don’t have any plans to move here, ever. In this new and lovely electronic age it’s entirely possible to have a presence here without actually BEING here.

    I also represent people who’ve never met their agent or their editor in YEARS of doing business together.


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