Query Agents Just Before a Conference?

Q. I have a question concerning query letters. I have finished my manuscript and am ready to shop it around to agents. I will be attending [two writers’ conferences in my home state soon]. However, I would also like to begin submitting queries to other agents as well. Is that proper etiquette? Can I send out multiple queries at once?  If so, what, if anything, do I need to inform my prospective agents?
       – Marco

A. Sure, you can query multiple agents at once.  It’s recommended unless special circumstances make you want to contact one at a time.
       So, yes, start querying agents now.  As long as you haven’t signed a contract with agent when those conferences roll around, you can pitch reps then, too.
       In terms of proper etiquette, you have the option to inform agents it is a “simultaneous submission” when you send in a a query, but you don’t have to do that.  They assume it is unless you say otherwise.

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