AgentFail! – and QueryFail II: Queries Never Die

You probably remember Queryfail, where editors and agents Twittered in real time for a whole day as they attacked their slush pile or unsolicited queries.  Well, Queryfail II is set for April 17. 

Check out Colleen Lindsay’s Swivet blog or more info on Queryfail II: Queries Never Die.

In other cool news, over at the BookEnds Literary blog, a long post is forming, and it’s the reverse of QueryFail.  It’s AgentFail.  It’s all about things agents do wrong to make you want to dismiss them quickly. 

Ah.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.

No real reason for this
Condorman photo, besides
the fact that I grew up on
this horribly great movie.

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7 thoughts on “AgentFail! – and QueryFail II: Queries Never Die

  1. D.A. Riser

    I loved Condorman as a kid!! I suppose I need to order a copy of it. My folks probably still have the version we taped from TV back in the 80’s.

    Did you know that the guy (Michael Crawford) who played Woody later starred in the stage version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera? I suppose nothing is impossible for … Condorman!

  2. Jeannie Anderson

    I love that movie!!!!! I wish they’d release it on DVD. Thanks for reminding me of this great Disney flick. I had three favorite Disney movies as a kid: Candleshoe (with Jodie Foster), Watcher in the Woods, and Condorman.


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