Querying Agents for a Self-Published Book

Q. What is the proper procedure for a self-published author, who is interested in finding an agent and going to a second printing with a mainstream publisher? Is it a faux pas to send previously self-published material to an agent?
        – Xavier

A. Xavier, you’re in luck because I wrote a big feature all this.  It examines how to submit self-published work to agents.  I point you to this September blog post below.


One article in the issue is all about life after self-publishingSee the whole thing online here.  It’s written for those who have self-published a book and want an agent to get it a traditional publishing deal.  The article also speaks to those who have self-published pretty much everything to this point and need to know how to address those previous books when querying an agent for a new project.

Here are some snippets from the article:

  • Many agents will indeed consider representing self-published books, but they are only looking for the best of the best.
  • Agents want to know sales numbers of your book, and they’re looking for impressive figures.
  • Fiction is tougher to sell than nonfiction, so smaller sales numbers for the former will be considered, just as larger sales numbers for the latter will be expected.
  • Just as it’s important that your book is selling and has a distinct market(s), selling too many books is a bad thing as well, as you may have maxed out your sales.  There would be no reason to give it a second life via traditional publishing.

There is plenty more to read, and lots of agents chimed in with good advice, so see it all here online at WritersDigest.com!

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