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The Writer’s Digest Premium Collection for November 2012 is called “Make a Name For Yourself.” The idea behind the WD premium collections is simple. We bundle tons of stuff and discount it a lot. In fact, this collection is discounted 81%! So if you want to learn how to network yourself, make connections, meet readers, and sell books, this premium collection for you. Learn more about the 3 books and many webinars included with this deal…





This exclusive collection includes:

Sell Your Book Like Wildfire (Paperback Book): Written by marketing expert Rob Eagar, you’ll learn how to sell, market, and promote your book. Plus, you’ll find marketing tips and expert advice. (Retail: $16.99)

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing and Yourself (OnDemand Webinar): I.J. Schecter teaches you how to establish your own brand, get work for yourself, and get what you want out of social media. (Retail: $79.00)

Create Your Writer Platform (Paperback Book): Author Chuck Sambuchino (me!) teaches you how to create a writer’s platform that will enable you to sell your work and launch a successful career as an author. (Retail: $16.99)

The 5 Essential Components of a Strong Author Website (OnDemand Webinar): In today’s world, every author or aspiring writer must have a website. Learn what elements are necessary for your own website from Jane Friedman. (Retail: $79.00)

Get Known Before the Book Deal (Paperback Book): Author Christina Katz teaches you how to develop a platform, grow your audience, and build a sustainable writing career. (Retail: $16.99)

Using Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income (OnDemand Webinar): Twitter can be a valuable resource for any writer. Tim Beyers teaches you how to use Twitter, discusses strategies for contacting editors, and much more! (Retail: $49.00)

Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging (OnDemand Webinar): A crucial element of a writer’s platform is blogging. Get an in-depth look at blogging as well as how to use it to help your writing career from Jane Friedman. (Retail: $59.00)

Drive Your Own Book Sales—Marketing Strategies for Authors (OnDemand Webinar): Whether you are an established author, freelance writer, or aspiring writer, you’ll learn how to find promotional opportunities, what tools can help you to drive book sales, and how to promote your work through social media from guest speaker Guy LeCharles Gonzlez. (Retail: $79.00)

Build Your Own Writing Platform (OnDemand Webinar): Do you know what a writer’s platform is? If not, you’ll learn the basics of building a platform including what it is, what one looks like, the tools you’ll need to create one, and no-fail strategies from Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Writer’s Market. (Retail: $39.99)

Using Social Networking Tools to Succeed in Publishing (OnDemand Webinar): Guest speakers Alice Pope and Jane Friedman discuss how to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to attract the attention of editors and agents, and promote yourself and your work. (Retail: $99.00)


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